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The United Kingdom Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal (UKCSAPT)[1] was created by survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and their supporters, looking to erase the human rights problem of institutional Child sexual abuse in the United Kingdom. The initial information meeting was held in London on 4 August 2014. The Report was published in March 2016, having been launched in the Houses of Parliament. Sarah Champion (politician) MP said at the meeting that 'it was a shame you had to draft this Report rather than the State'.

In November 2014, it was announced that Professor Payam Akhavan had agreed to take a role on the Main Panel.

The full Panel also included Basia Spalek, Catherine McCall, Professor Basia Spalek and Heather Bacon, a mixture of international and UK experts.

Statistics on child sex abuse show that this particular human rights issue has become a major concern in the United Kingdom.[2] The UKCSAPT has been formed to allow survivors, victims, and witnesses of child sex abuse a chance to participate in a meaningful manner to address this national issue. Currently, the UKCSAPT focuses on institutional child sex abuse which has occurred in the UK.

The UKCSAPT is entirely survivor-initiated, being independent from and receiving no funds from government. It is also unique in that it addresses an ongoing issue within the UK, as opposed to other People’s Tribunals which have addressed historical human rights abuses. Some examples of these People’s Tribunals include the Russell Tribunal on Vietnam and the Iran Tribunal.[3]

According to its Terms of Reference,[4] the UKCSAPT seeks to raise awareness and discussion on the issue of institutional child sex abuse and create a record of where institutional child sex abuse has taken place. In March 2016 the UKCSAPT produced a final report regarding the evidence presented and made recommendations on how the United Kingdom can approach this issue. The UKCSAPT had an independent judicial panel utilise the submissions by survivors and witnesses. The UKCSAPT states that its findings will complement the current initiative by the United Kingdom’s Independent Panel Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.[5]

The UKCSAPT campaign is increasing awareness of the People’s Tribunal and the issue of institutional child sex abuse. The UKCSAPT has posted in its “Terms of Reference” on its website the goals and visions the UKCSAPT hopes to achieve in 2015.

On 1 March 2016, the UKCSAPT presented and published the Report at the Palace of Westminster. The meeting was sponsored by Sarah Champion (politician) MP. The meeting was also attended by Simon Bailey (police officer) who leads Operation Hydrant on historic Child Sex Abuse. The UKCSAPT Report can be found at https://www.hughjames.com/news/firm-news/2016/03/peoples-tribunal-report-findings-sexual-abuse/#.WRAz4kXyvcs A copy of the Report was delivered to the Home Office and to the IICSA and they have both acknowledged receipt. The report is also now with the UN and IICSA (the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse).


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