The Unlovables

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The Unlovables
Origin New York, USA
Genres Pop punk
Years active 2003 – current
Labels Whoa Oh Records
Crafty Records
Knock Knock Records
Art Of The Underground Records
Members Hallie Bulliet
Frank Leone
Mike Yannich

The Unlovables are a New York City based pop punk band. The band formed after bassist/singer Hallie Bulliet recorded a handful of songs for a present with Adam Rabuck (of Dirt Bike Annie) who encouraged her to continue playing music. Despite a somewhat revolving lineup, the band has remained fairly active over the years, including recording and releasing two full length records on Whoa Oh Records as well as EP's and other compilation appearances, and tours often, not including other shows with mc chris,[1] as well as the recently reunited Lifetime.[2] and Weston[3] The band became more mainstream after Adult Swim used the song "What you want, what you got" in a 30-second Bleach Promo. [1] The band is currently taking a long hiatus while Hallie performs in the off-Broadway show FUERZABRUTA.[4]


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