The Unnamables

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The Unnamables
The Unnamables Univeria Zekt.jpg
Studio album by Univeria Zekt
Released January, 1972
Genre Zeuhl
Length 33:47
Label Thélème

The Unnamables is the only album by Univeria Zekt. It was released in 1972.

A Magma album in disguise, The Unnamables was designed to ease listeners into the musical world of Magma. Recorded by essentially the same line-up as on 1001° Centigrades (1972), the album basically repeats the stylistic development shown through Magma's first two albums, while abandoning the science fiction concept of the Kobaïan story.

Three tracks from Lasry and one from Cahen on the first half of the album approximate the accessibility of the better-known jazz-rock of the time. Vander's pieces on the second half of the album, however, begin to explore similar musical ground to that found on 1001° Centigrades. Two of Vander's pieces can also be found on the 1970 soundtrack to 24 Heures Seulement and are available on the Archiw I CD in the Studio Zünd 12 disc box collection. The Unnamables was originally released on Thélème, and reissued on Cryonic in 1986 and on Musea in 1993.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "You Speak and Speak Colegram" - 2:10 (Lasry)
  2. "Altcheringa" - 3:27 (Cahen, Zabu)
  3. "Clementine" - 3:00 (Lasry)
  4. "Something's Cast a Spell" - 4:16 (Lasry, Ledissez)

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Ourania" - 4:23 (Vander)
  2. "Africa Anteria" - 11:30 (Vander)
  3. "Undia" - 4:47 (Vander)


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