The Untamed (2016 film)

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The Untamed
The Untamed (2016 film).jpg
Film poster
Directed byAmat Escalante
Written byAmat Escalante
StarringSimone Bucio
Ruth Ramos
Jesús Meza
CinematographyManuel Alberto Claro
Edited byFernanda De la Peza
Jacob Secher Schulsinger
Release date
  • 15 May 2016 (2016-05-15)
Running time
100 minutes[1]

The Untamed (Spanish: La Región Salvaje) is a 2016 Mexican drama film directed by Amat Escalante. It was selected to compete for the Golden Lion at the 73rd Venice International Film Festival,[2] with Escalante winning the Silver Lion for his direction.[3]


A young mother of two, Alejandra, is unhappy in her marriage to her husband Ángel, who is in a secret affair with Alejandra's brother, a nurse named Fabian. In public however, Angel makes fun of Fabian and gays in general. Veronica is a young woman who is sexually infatuated with a tentacled alien that an older couple keep in a barn in the countryside. Whereas in the past it has only pleasured her, this time it bites her in the side. At the hospital, she is cared for by Fabian, and she makes friends with him. When she tells the older couple she wants to continue visiting the alien, they forbid it, as it has become dangerous for her.

Ángel visits Fabián, and angrily demands to know why Fabian hasn't answered his texts. Fabián informs him that their affair is over. Veronica entices Fabián to visit the barn, but later Fabián is found naked in a field, sexually attacked and beaten into a coma. As he lays in the hospital, Alejandra finds his phone and reads the angry texts from Angel, where Angel demands sex from him, or he will beat him up. Angel is arrested at work, and Alejandra testifies against him, as well as one of Fabián's co-workers who witnessed the argument between Ángel and Fabian.

Veronica brings Alejandra to the farm, where the couple tell her about how the alien arrived when something from the sky made a crater in a field near the farm. In the crater many animals of all sorts are mating. Alejandra is drugged by the couple and escorted into the barn, where the alien provides her great sexual pleasure. She continues to visit the barn, gaining release, and a new found sense of well-being.

Ángel's wealthy parents release him from jail by knowing a judge, and posting bail with the money from selling his house. They berate him for embarrassing them so badly, and insist he leave town and never return. But he visits Alejandra in hopes of reuniting his family. She tells him that she now knows he didn't hurt Fabian, but he hits her when she says that they are done. When he pulls out a gun he accidentally shoots himself in the leg. Alejandra helps him into her truck, but drives into the countryside. She drags a semi-conscious Angel into the barn, where she finds Veronica dead. Later, the older man and Alejandra dump the bodies of Veronica and Angel into a pit, where Alejandra comments on how the pit is filling with bodies.


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