The Valley of Kashmir

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For the valley between Pir Panjal and Korakoram Ranges, see Kashmir Valley.
The Valley of Kashmir
TVOK Cover.jpg
Reprint London edition 1895
Author Sir Walter Roper Lawrence
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre travel book
Publisher H. Frowde
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 478
ISBN 978-812061630-1

The Valley of Kashmir (1895) is a travel book by the English writer Sir Walter Roper Lawrence. The author served in the Indian Civil Service[1] in British India during which he was appointed as a first Settlement Commissioner of Kashmir.[2]

The Valley of Kashmir is the summary of Lawrence's visit to Kashmir, which he did while travelling to almost every corner of the Valley and developed a close affinity with the people who figure prominently in his work. It describes the geography, culture in brief and the hardships faced by the Kashmiri people under the tyrannic rule of Dogras. The book is recognised as the masterpiece of the history of Kashmir Valley. It depicted the true image of the people of Kashmir before the world, which was never done before.[citation needed] The book was first published in 1895 by H. Frowde in London.[3]

Current edition[edit]


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