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The Vandals / Assorted Jelly Beans split 7"
EP by The Vandals, Assorted Jelly Beans
Released 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Punk rock
Label Kung Fu Records

The Vandals / Assorted Jelly Beans split 7" is a 7-inch record put out by Kung Fu Records in 1996. It was the first release to be put out by the label, which was founded by Vandals members Joe Escalante and Warren Fitzgerald for the purpose of releasing an album by the Huntington Beach band Assorted Jelly Beans. It is therefore appropriate that the label's first release is a split 7" with songs from The Vandals on one side and the Assorted Jelly Beans on the other.

The Assorted Jelly Beans' side of the record includes two songs that would later appear on their first album, also released by Kung Fu, as well as the song "Macho Man," which is exclusive to this release. The Vandals' side includes two covers of songs by other Huntington Beach bands, the Falling Idols and Supernova, as well as a playful instrumental reprise of the song "Happy Birthday to Me" from their 1995 album Live Fast, Diarrhea. The Falling Idols were a Huntington Beach punk rock band in the 1980s which featured Dave Quackenbush, who became the Vandals' singer in 1985, and Randy Bradbury, who became the bass player for Pennywise in 1996.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Joe [originally performed by the Falling Idols]
  2. Costa Mesa Hates Me [originally performed by Supernova]
  3. Happy Birthday to Me (reprise)
  1. 8th Grade Nerd
  2. Macho Man
  3. No Time


The Vandals:

Assorted Jelly Beans:

Album information[edit]

Vandals side:

Assorted Jelly Beans side: