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For The University of Cambridge student newspaper, see Varsity (Cambridge).
The Varsity
The Varsity
Type Weekly newspaper
Format Compact
Owner(s) Varsity Publications
Editor Alex Mckeen
Founded 1880
Language English
Headquarters 21 Sussex Ave., 2nd floor, Toronto, ON, M5S 1J6, Canada
Circulation 20,000
ISSN 0042-2789

The Varsity is one of the main student newspapers of the University of Toronto. In publication since 1880, it is the second-oldest student newspaper in Canada, and with a weekly circulation of 20, 000 copies is one of the largest student newspapers by distribution, in North America.

The paper publishes weekly during the university semesters and online throughout the year. Originally a broadsheet daily, it now issues in compact form. The paper focuses on campus affairs and issues directly relevant to all U of T students. The major sections are news, comment, science, arts, sports, and features.

The Varsity usually assumes a left-of-centre stance on political affairs. The paper is published by Varsity Publications, a not-for-profit corporation, and is primarily financed by advertisement revenues with subsidies from student levy.


At the height of debate on coeducation in 1880, The Varsity published an article in its inaugural issue voicing in favour of admitting women.[1]

In 1895, the suspension of The Varsity's editor, James Tucker, led Latin Professor Dale to publicly attack the administration in The Globe, which in turn led to his own dismissal.[2] University College students then approved a motion by Varsity staff member William Lyon Mackenzie King and boycotted lectures for a week. This is significant for William Lyon Mackenzie King's involvement as a member of the Varsity editorial staff and student leader. He would later become Canada's longest serving Prime Minister.[3][4]

After Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau decriminalized homosexuality in 1969, a medical research assistant placed an advertisement in The Varsity seeking volunteers to establish the first university homophile association in Canada.[5]

Notable past staff[edit]


Editor-in-Chief: Alex Mckeen
Managing Editor: Jaren Kerr
Managing Online Editor: Jacob Lorinc
Creative Director: Mubashir Baweja
Design Editor: Vanessa Wang
Senior Copy Editor: Ariel Gomes
News Editor: Tom Yun
Comment Editor: Teodora Pasca
Features Editor: Rachel Chen
Arts & Culture Editor: Lisa Power
Science Editor: Shaan Bhambra
Sports Editor: Sean Smith
Photo Editor: Nathan Chan
Illustration Editor: Elham Numan
Video Editor: Shaq Hosein

Business Staff[edit]

Business Manager: Cherlene Tay
Associate Business Manager: Kary Cozens
Advertising Executive: Yaakov Spivak

Board of Directors[edit]

Alec Wilson, Chair
Alexander Wolff Marshall, Treasurer
German Guberman, Secretary
Alex Mckeen, Editor-in-Chief
Hussein Fawzy, Director
Saad Hasnain, Director
Jannis Mei, Director
Jade Colbert, Appointed Director
Tom Cardoso, Appointed Director

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