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The Vault-Keeper and Drusilla

The Vault-Keeper was the host for The Vault of Horror, a horror comic published by EC Comics from 1950 until 1954. The Vault-Keeper was one of three hosts for EC's horror comics (known as the GhouLunatics), along with the Crypt-Keeper and the Old Witch. He served as narrator and was also there to add a lighter touch to the often gruesome stories with puns and humorous commentary. In addition to the appearances in his own book, he also had a guest story in each issue of Tales from the Crypt and The Haunt of Fear.

He was a ghoul, and unlike the Crypt-Keeper or the Old Witch, he has a merrier personality and light-hearted approach. However, he and the Crypt-Keeper are involved in a love triangle with the Old Witch, and there is much competition between the three, each believing their stories to be better. Although both the Crypt-Keeper and the Old Witch received "origin stories" in Tales from the Crypt #33 and Haunt of Fear #14, respectively, the Vault-Keeper's origins were never revealed.


Although the Vault-Keeper was originally designed by Al Feldstein, Johnny Craig is the artist most associated with the character, having drawn all his lead stories in The Vault of Horror with two exceptions. Craig also drew the Vault-Keeper in his guest appearances in the other titles, although another artist frequently drew the rest of the story.

For the final four issues of The Vault of Horror, the Vault-Keeper was joined by the attractive Drusilla, silent hostess of The Vault of Horror.


The Vault-Keeper appeared in animated form on the Tales from the Cryptkeeper series with David Hemblen supplying the voice. This version of the Vault-Keeper was something of a Mad scientist; while the Old Witch relied on magic and the Cryptkeeper on his quick wit, the Vault-Keeper created experiments and strange inventions in his attempts to steal the spotlight.