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The Vegemite Tales is a comedy theatrical production written by Australian playwright Melanie Tait. The play revolves around the lives of a group of young antipodeans sharing a flat in London. It has been described as an Australian stage version of Friends. The name is taken from the iconic Australian food paste, Vegemite.

The Vegemite Tales was first staged at The Curtain's Up, a small fringe theatre in west London in 2001. It was an overnight sell-out, finding enormous popularity with London's Australian, New Zealand and South African communities.

Contemporary themes include living in a shared house, living in a city far away from home, dealing with different cultures and making the difficult decision to stop putting real life on hold and move back home.

In 2005 the show had a 12-week sell-out season at the Riverside Studios, a London arts venue well known for its international theatre programme.

In 2006 the production made its successful West End debut at The Venue (now The Leicester Square Theatre). That season featured Blair McDonough (ex Neighbours and Australian Big Brother).

In 2007 the production had its second West End season at The Venue from 26 July to 27 October.

Other cast members have included Jonathon Dutton, Sarah Hadland, Rebecca Gethings, Jessica Gerger, Josephine Taylor, Andy Leonard, Patrick Harvey, Craig Rasmus, Tim Cove, Maxine Morrison, Priscilla Jackman, Sarah McGlade, Anna Skellern, Dimity Harris, Christa Nicola, Spencer McLaren, Billy Gentle, Felicity Jurd, Justin Segal, Louis Sanchez, Craig Giovanelli and Andrew William Robb.

The production has been directed by Melanie Tait (2001-2003) and Bill Buckhurst (2004-2007).

Over 60,000 people have seen The Vegemite Tales since it was first staged.

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