The Velvet Rope Tour – Live in Concert

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The Velvet Rope Tour - Live In Concert
Video by Janet Jackson
Released US: March 9, 1999 (1999-03-09)
Recorded October 11, 1998 (1998-10-11)
Length 121 min
Language English
Label Eagle Rock Entertainment
Director David Mallet
Producer Jon Small
Janet Jackson chronology
Design of a Decade 1986-1996
The Velvet Rope Tour - Live In Concert
All for You (DVD Edition)

The Velvet Rope - Live In Concert is a video released by American R&B/pop singer Janet Jackson.

Release information[edit]

Recorded on October 11, 1998 at Madison Square Garden, New York as part of "The Velvet Rope Tour", the concert was broadcast live on HBO in the United States, and reached an audience of 15 million viewers in the US alone.[1] The concert would also be broadcast on the cable channel's international networks at later dates.

Q-Tip makes a special appearance during the performance of "Got 'til It's Gone". During the performance of "Rope Burn", Jackson picks an unsuspecting member of the audience onto stage and teases them with her performance which included a lap dance.[2] Due to censorship laws, "Rope Burn" and "Any Time, Any Place" were left out of the release in Hong Kong, where the video was issued as a 17 track double VCD.[3]

The full performance was later on released on DVD, Laser Disc[4] and video cassette the same year, and has been certified Platinum by the RIAA[5] It was nominated for 4 Emmy Awards, including "Outstanding Choreography","Outstanding Lighting Direction", "Outstanding Music Direction" and "Outstanding Technical Direction/Camera/Video for a Special". It won the Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Technical Direction/Camera/Video for a Special" in 1999.[6] The video was also nominated for "Outstanding Performance in a Variety Series/Special" and "Outstanding Variety Series/Special" at the 1999 NAACP Image Awards.[6]

"The Velvet Rope - Live In Concert" was re-released as an individual DVD in 2001, 2004 and 2006 and was repackaged with "Live in Hawaii" and re-released as a double disc set in the US and Europe on November 14, 2004,[7] and again in Europe with a different cover in 2005.[8]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Velvet Rope"
  2. "If"
  3. "You"
  4. "Let's Wait Awhile" /"Again"
  5. "Control Medley" : "Control" / "The Pleasure Principle" / "What Have You Done for Me Lately" / "Nasty"
  6. "Throb"
  7. "Escapade Medley" : "Escapade" / "When I Think of You" / "Miss You Much" / "Runaway" / "Love Will Never Do (Without You)"
  8. "Alright"
  9. "I Get Lonely"
  10. "Any Time, Any Place" (Instrumental Interlude)
  11. "Rope Burn"
  12. "Black Cat"
  13. "What About"
  14. "Rhythm Nation"
  15. "Special"
  16. "That's the Way Love Goes"
  17. "Got 'til It's Gone"
  18. "Go Deep"
  19. "Together Again"

Release history[edit]

The Velvet Rope Tour - Live In Concert

Region Date Label
United States October 11, 1998 Eagle Rock Entertainment
International March 9, 1999 Image Entertainment
UK & Europe August 28, 2000 Ilc Entertainment
International November 26, 2001 Eagle Rock Entertainment
United States February 24, 2004 Eagle Vision USA
International June 12, 2006 Eagle Rock Entertainment

Live In Hawaii/The Velvet Rope Tour

Region Date Label
Europe September 6, 2004 Eagle Rock Entertainment
United States November 16, 2004 Eagle Rock Entertainment