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The Venue was a music club at 160-162 Victoria Street, London, England, owned by Virgin Records. It opened its doors in October 1978 and operated until 1984.[1] The first act to play there was Graham Parker and The Rumour, followed by the last live performances by Alex Harvey before his death. Todd Rundgren played some dates there just before Christmas in 1978, as part of the tour to back up the Back to the Bars album; released for the Christmas market, at the time. Two shows were sometimes played per night, and the ambience was akin to a nightclub, where audience members sat at tables and could have drinks and meals while listening to the acts. It was also popular for use by record companies showcasing new signings to the music media.[2]

Additional info[edit]

The sound system was supplied by Eastlake systems, it was their first foray into live sound.

The building first opened as the Metropole cinema on December 27, 1929.[1][3] After The Venue closed, it was occupied by a Dicky Dirt's discount jeans shop in the mid 1980s and was a branch of the restaurant chain "Ask" prior to its demolition in early 2013 as part of a major redevelopment of the area.

Acts that played at the Venue[edit]

Coordinates: 51°29′53″N 0°08′00″W / 51.4981°N 0.1332°W / 51.4981; -0.1332


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