The Venus Hunters

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First edition (1980)

The Venus Hunters is a collection of short stories by J. G. Ballard, first published in 1980 as a paperback by Panther Books, and reprinted as a hardback in 1986 by Victor Gollancz. It includes:

  • "Now: Zero"
  • "The Time-Tombs"
  • "Track 12"
  • "Passport to Eternity"
  • "Escapement"
  • "Time of Passage"
  • "The Venus Hunters"
  • "The Killing Ground"
  • "One Afternoon at Utah Beach"
  • "The 60 Minute Zoom"

The first seven stories are reprinted from The Overloaded Man; the other three are more recent. "The 60 Minute Zoom" may be one of Ballard's best experimental pieces: one of the oldest plots is given a unique treatment, only possible in a society depersonalised through technology.

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