The Very Best of Brand Nubian

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The Very Best of
The Very Best of Brand Nubian.jpg
Greatest hits album by Brand Nubian
Released 2001
Recorded 1989-1999
Genre Hip hop
Length 60:02
Label Rhino Records, Elektra Records
Producer Brand Nubian, The Stimulated Dummies, Diamond D, Chris "CL" Liggio
Brand Nubian chronology
The Very Best of Brand Nubian
Fire in the Hole

"The Very Best of Brand Nubian" is a greatest hits album by hip hop group Brand Nubian.[1] The front cover of an album is reference to the debut album by Brand Nubian.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Original album
1 "All for One" "One for All"
2 "Feels So Good" "One for All"
3 "Concerto in X Minor" "One for All"
4 "Drop the Bomb" "One for All"
5 "Wake Up (Reprise in the Sunshine) " "One for All"
6 "Slow Down" "One for All"
7 "Brand Nubian" "One for All"
8 "Slow Down (Pete Rock's Newromix Mix)" "Slow Down" (12")
9* "360° (What Goes Around)" "Reel to Reel"
10* "Mind Your Business" "Ya Know How It Goes" (12")
11 "Allah U Akbar" "In God We Trust"
12 "Love Me or Leave Me Alone" "In God We Trust"
13 "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down" "In God We Trust"
14 "Hold On" "Everything Is Everything"
15 "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down (Remix)" "Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down" (12")
16 "Don't Let It Go to Your Head" "Foundation"