The Very Best of The Farm

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The Very Best of The Farm
The Very Best of the Farm.jpg
Greatest hits album by The Farm
Released May 2001
Genre Madchester, alternative rock, alternative dance, pop
Label Music Club
The Farm chronology
The Best of The Farm
(1998)The Best of The Farm1998
The Very Best of The Farm

The Very Best of The Farm is an album released in May 2001[1] by Liverpool-based The Farm, although by this time they had long disbanded. It includes all of the songs from their debut album, Spartacus, excluding remix versions.

The cover of the album parodies the logo to laundry detergent brand Tide.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Groovy Train"
  2. "All Together Now"
  3. "Don't You Want Me"
  4. "Very Emotional"
  5. "Stepping Stone" (Ghost Dance Mix)
  6. "Mind"
  7. "How Long"
  8. "Love See No Colour"
  9. "Family of Man"
  10. "Don't Let Me Down"
  11. "Rising Sun"
  12. "Sweet Inspiration"
  13. "Good Morning Sinners"
  14. "Tell the Story"
  15. "Higher and Higher"
  16. "Hearts and Minds"


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