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The Vice Guide to Travel
Directed byEddy Moretti, Shane Smith
StarringShane Smith, Trace Crutchfield, David Cross, Derrick Beckles, Gavin McInnes, David Choe, Johnny Knoxville
Country of originCanada
No. of episodes15
Running timevariable

The Vice Guide to Travel is a travel show-style documentary show released in 2006 by Vice Media, as part of the online television division of Vice.[1] The show follows Vice employees as they travel to dangerous, weird, and offbeat locations throughout the globe.[2][3]


In 2006 VICE released the DVD “The Vice Guide to Travel,” which was funded by MTV[4] and inspired by the long-running series of "Vice Guides" in the magazine.[5] VICE reporters and camera teams visited locations such as the slums of Rio, Congo, and Paraguay. Spike Jonze helped edit the pieces.[4]

Videos such as the Vice Guide to Travel (2006) were made accessible for free on, and the docu-series The Vice Guide to Liberia[6] by Andy Capper won a Webby Award, helping foster a future partnership with CNN.[5] The episodes are currently available at, where was later merged.

Hosts and recurring characters have included Shane Smith, Trace Crutchfield, actor David Cross, Derrick Beckles, editor Gavin McInnes, artist David Choe, and Johnny Knoxville of Jackass.


The following are the episodes of The Vice Guide to Travel.

  1. The Gun Markets of Pakistan
  2. Bulgarian Dirty Bombs
  3. The Radioactive Beasts of Chernobyl
  4. PLO Boy Scouts of Beirut
  5. Gorillas in the Midst
  6. The Slums of Rio
  7. Prostitutes of God
  8. Gypsies of Sophia
  9. Wodka Wars
  10. From Poland With Love
  11. Holy Thugs of Venezuela
  12. Jesus of Siberia
  13. The Warias
  14. Illegal Border Crossing Park
  15. VICE Guide to Liberia
  16. VICE Guide to North Korea
  17. North Korean Labor Camps
  18. VICE Guide to the Balkans
  19. Takanakuy: Fist fighting in the Andes
  20. VICE Guide to Karachi

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