The Victory Garden (comics)

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"The Victory Garden"
Story code W WDC 31-05
Story Carl Barks
Ink Carl Barks
Date 1943
Hero Donald Duck
Pages 10
Layout 3 rows per page
Appearances Donald Duck
Huey, Dewey and Louie
First publication Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #31

"The Victory Garden" is the first 10-page comic book story written, drawn, and lettered by Carl Barks starring Donald Duck. It was originally published in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #31 (April 1943). The story has been reprinted many times.[1]


Donald tries to grow a victory garden, but three pesky crows keep eating his seeds. After many failed attempts to outwit the crows, Donald's nephews give Donald a victory garden in his own bedroom with the aid of invisible seeds.


Barks was given a script by the studio, accompanied by the following note: "Here is a 10-page story for Donald Duck. Hope that you like it. You are to stage it, of course. And if you see that it can be strengthened, or that it deviates from Donald either in narration or action, please make the improvements." Barks rewrote the story before drawing it and, from then on, he both scripted and illustrated his stories, with few exceptions.

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