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The Victory Garden is an American public television program about gardening and other outdoor activities, produced by station WGBH in Boston, Massachusetts, and distributed by PBS. It is the oldest gardening program produced for television in the United States, premiering April 16, 1975.[citation needed] The show was originally called Crockett's Victory Garden for its first host, James Underwood Crockett. Following Crockett's death during the 1979-80 gardening season, Bob Thomson took over as host and the show was renamed The Victory Garden. Marian Morash, wife of series producer Russell Morash, appeared on the air to do her recipes on the program from 1979 to 2001. In Season 16 (1991-1992), Roger Swain took over as host and remained until 2002, when he was replaced by Michael Weishan. Jamie Durie became the host in 2007.

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