The Video Singles

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"The Video Singles"
Video by Bananarama
Released 1987
Genre Pop, rock
Length 16 mins approx
Label London Records
Channel 5
Director Simon Milne
Peter Care
Bananarama chronology
And That's Not All...
(1984)And That's Not All...1984
Video Singles
The Greatest Hits Collection
(1988)The Greatest Hits Collection1988

The Video Singles is a compilation of videos by Bananarama, released by Channel 5, in 1987, which features the music videos which had been made to accompany the four singles taken from the True Confessions album. The "Venus" video is the 7" version, the extended version featuring instead on The Greatest Hits Collection. "A Trick of the Night" is the U.S. version: this song has two different videos, namely the UK black-and-white version, and the U.S. colour version; the UK b/w version was directed by amateurs winning a BBC programme, In at the Deep End. Bananarama hated this video. The other two videos included in the collection were for "Do Not Disturb" and "More Than Physical".

The video for "Do Not Disturb", the one track entirely produced by Jolley & Swain, was directed by Simon Milne, whereas the videos for the three songs produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman (though "A Trick of the Night" was also produced by Jolley & Swain in its original album version) were all directed by Peter Care.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Do Not Disturb" - (24 August 1985)
    Directed by Simon Milne
  2. "Venus" - (31 May 1986)
    Directed by Peter Care
  3. "More Than Physical" - (16 August 1986)
    Directed by Peter Care
  4. "A Trick of the Night" - (14 February 1987)
    Directed by Peter Care