The Vigilantes in Masks

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The Vigilantes in Masks
The Vigilantes In Masks (intertitle).jpg
The Vigilantes In Masks intertitle
Genre Wuxia, romance, comedy
Directed by Lee Kwok-lap
Starring Wallace Huo
Cecilia Liu
Ma Tianyu
Shi Xingyu
Edwin Siu
Liu Kai-chi
Opening theme "The Opening of the World and Plum Blossoms" (天地梅花開) performed by Hu Ge
Ending theme "Bird of Paradise" (天堂鳥) performed by Zheng Jiajia
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Karen Tsoi
Location(s) China
Running time 45 minutes per episode; 19:30 Daily (2 episodes per day) ShenzhenTV; 19:35 Daily (2 episodes per day) SoutheastTV
Production company(s) Chinese Entertainment Shanghai
Original network CTV; SZMG ShenzhenTV, FMG SoutheastTV
Original release January 1, 2011
The Vigilantes in Masks
The Vigilantes In Mask-.jpg
Official poster
Traditional Chinese 怪俠一枝梅
Simplified Chinese 怪侠一枝梅

The Vigilantes in Masks is a Chinese television series produced by Chinese Entertainment Shanghai. Previous adaptations include a 1960 Hong Kong television series, a 1994 film, a 2005 TVB production, a 2008 SBS South Korean television drama, Iljimae, and a 2009 MBC South Korean adaptation The Return of Iljimae. The story is based on folktales of a Robin Hood-style hero who lived in the Ming Dynasty.[1]


Li Gexiao is a warrior and has intelligence matching his skills. He was previously a high ranking marshal with great law enforcement authority. However, after his enemy framed him with a crime he did not commit and executed his family, the former marshal was forced to become a fugitive. Years later, he came out of hiding to help a former colleague recover a cargo of stolen gold for disaster relief. He and three chivalrous strangers, thief Yan Sanniang, grifter He Xiaomei, and strongman Chai Hu, unite to form a heroic band of masked vigilantes called "Yi Zhi Mei", who rob the rich and corrupt to help the poor and helpless, always leaving a plum flower at the scene as their calling card. In the jianghu, they are also known to fight injustice, corruption and oppression by the government.


  • Wallace Huo as Li Gexiao (離歌笑)   
  • Cecilia Liu as Yan Sanniang (燕三娘)  
  • Ma Tianyu as He Xiaomei (賀小梅) (He Yunhu - 賀雲虎)  
  • Shi Xingyu as Chai Hu (柴胡)
  • Edwin Siu as Ying Wuqiu (應無求) (Bao Laiying - 包來硬)  
  • Deng Limin as Yan Song (嚴嵩)
  • Liu Kai-chi as Zheng Dongliu (鄭東流)   
  • Zhang Shann as Zhang Bao (張豹)  
  • Ethan Yao as Zhang Zhong (張忠)   
  • Huang Shijia as Miao Xiaoqing (苗小青)
  • Xie Meng as Miao Xiaoying (苗小英)
  • Dai Chunrong as Abbess Wugou (無垢師太)
  • Guan Xiaotong as Chai Yan (柴嫣)   
  • Wang Chunyuan as Chu Gou (芻狗)  
  • Ma Xiaoqian as Lin Shuangshuang (林霜霜)
  • Lü Yi as Su Ying (蘇櫻)
  • Li Bo as Xiao Ben (蕭本)   
  • Zheng Xiaodong as Liang Ri (梁日)   
  • Yuan Shanshan as Bingbing (冰冰)
  • Tong Liya as Jing Ruyi (荊如憶)
  • Wen Haibei as Hai Rui (海瑞)
  • Zhang Lei as Jiajing Emperor (明世宗)
  • Zhang Mingming as Yan Shifan (嚴世蕃)
  • Lou Qi as Bao Son (保公子)
  • Guo Jun as Chen Dong (陳東) (He Donglai - 賀東來)
  • Li Qingxiang as Taoist Xuanxu (玄虛道長)
  • Yang Yi as Liang Yue (梁月)

List of featured songs[edit]

  • Tiandi Meihua Kai (天地梅花開; The Opening of the World and Plum Blossoms) performed by Hu Ge
  • Tiantang Niao (天堂鳥; Bird of Paradise) performed by Zheng Jiajia


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