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The Vinyl Records The Vinyl Records (aka TVR), is a four-piece all girl band based in New Delhi that came together in February 2010. The band was formed by Banu, Minam and Mithy, all from Arunachal Pradesh. The final touch to the band came when they were joined by the present vocalist and keytarist Cheyyrian Bark from Assam in January 2011. The band has never looked back ever since taking the Indian indie music scene with a storm!

Taking cues from musical inspirations such as CSS, Joan Jett, The Clash, The Strokes and the B-52’s, TVR love to put on a show! The band has been making a whole lot of noise all their own, exciting the ears of Times of India (front page story), Rolling Stone India, RSJ, Tehelka, NH7, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazine editors (all of whom have featured TVR on their pages) in the process.

TVR debuted on the bigger Indian indie scene with a performance and feature on MTV India’s F1 Rocks show in 2011. They were also among the 15 finalists of Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds, a major nationwide music talent hunt, in 2012. They have performed at premium concerts such as the Ziro Festival of Music, Puma Loves Vinyl, The LOUDEST Gig in Delhi, etc. In June 2013, TVR represented the state of Arunachal Pradesh in a 7-states-7-songs anti-drug compilation called 7X7 with their track “Coco Bomb”.

Their debut 4-track EP “Whims” was released at Ziro Festival in September 2013 to super reviews following which TVR have performed at the NH7 Weekender Festival Pune, the GoMAD Festival Ooty and the North-East Fashion & Music Festival Delhi. They were also selected as one of the performing artists for the Vans FRESH Off The Wall music discovery series and has performed at the India Bike Week Festival Goa in January 2014. TVR has also been voted among the top 3 bands for the Red Bull Tour Bus national tour.

The Vinyl Records has signed with Metal Postcard Records, Hong Kong, and released “Ready, Set, Go!” their first single for the international market on 7” vinyls and various digital platforms making their brand of Indian indie music available globally. A video for the same is out as well. The band also recently successfully crowd-funded another video for the title track from the EP “Whims”. It’s expected out soon. TVR performed at Control ALT Delete 6.0, Mumbai’s entirely crowd-funded concert, The North-East Music Festival and Delhi Day Concert in Delhi and at The VANS New Wave Musicfest in Goa. The band also performed with Maria Anderson (from Sahara Hotnights) at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival in Sweden along with two more club gigs across the country. The band's second international tour was BHIF (Bhutan International Festival, Thimphu alongside artist like lucky Ali (14th-23rd feb 2015). The band played three shows in the same day because of huge demand by the audience and appreciation by the member of the royal family. The girls recently released a new single on on the 1st of sept 2016 and is out on YouTube called "Authority" and soon after three months released another single on the 14th of jan called "Turbulence" followed by “Honeysuckle” which was shot at beautiful Leh. The band’s musical journey as a documentary has been covered by Kobra (Swedish national channel), Now Delhi and Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs which have gained them international recognition. The band’s third international tour was at Réunion Island (France) which was a headlining act at ‘Kabardock’ with Maudit Tangue Label rock péi.

The Vinyl Records released their self debut album on 17th of February 2017. To know more please log on to fb (The Vinyl Records). Also you can purchase/listen to their album on you tube/bandcamp/sound cloud/reverbantion.


The Vinyl Records (aka TVR) was formed in February 2010. Initially, the band was formed by Banu, Minam and Mithy, all from Arunachal Pradesh.[1] The final touch to the band came when they were joined by the present vocalist and keytarist Cheyyrian Bark from Assam in January 2011.

List of The Vinyl Records members[edit]

  • Cheyyrian Bark - born 17 September 1989, is from Guwahati, Assam, India. Bark, is the lead vocalist, keytar player, synths, keyboards and songwriter (2011–present). Bark earned a master's degree in Political Science from University of Delhi and also has a diploma in fashion designing from nift.
  • Banu Jini - born 20 June 1989, is from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Jini, is the guitarist and backing vocalist (2010–present). Jini earned a university degree from University of Delhi, India
  • Minam Tekseng - born 20 April 1990, is from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Tekseng, is the bassist and backing vocalist (2010–present). Tekseng earned a university degree in English from Delhi
  • Mithy Tatak - born 29 September 1990, is from Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Tatak, is the drummer, percussions and backing vocalist (2010–present). Tatak earned a university degree in Biotechnology, Delhi


The band is majorly influenced by western bands like CSS, The B52s, Blondie, The Clash, Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Ramones and many others.[2] The Vinyl Records states “We look up to girl bands like CSS… Sahara Hotnights and The Donnas are the modern Riot Grrrls to us."[3]


The band has performed in various cities all across India. They have performed at premium shows such as the Ziro Festival of Music, Puma Loves Vinyl, The LOUDEST Gig in Delhi, Nh7 weekender etc.[2] They have also headlined the Maudit Tangue festival at Reunion Island, France last December on 2017. Besides having released two of their albums, they constantly play gigs in and around the country at popular venues.


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