The Virtuous Island

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The Virtuous Island
Mortimer - Captain James Cook, Sir Joseph Banks, Lord Sandwich, Dr Daniel Solander and Dr John Hawkesworth.jpg
Written by Jean Giraudoux
Characters Mr Banks, Outourou, Tahiriri, Mrs Banks, Valao, Matamua, Vaiturou,
A native Tahitian,
The Lieutenant
Date premiered 21 November 1935
Place premiered Théâtre de l'Athénée in Paris
Original language French
Subject Captain Cook visits Tahiti
Genre Satirical drama
Setting Tahiti

The Virtuous Island is a 1956 English adaptation by Maurice Valency of the play Supplément au voyage de Cook written in 1935 by French dramatist Jean Giraudoux.

Original productions[edit]

Supplément au voyage de Cook was translated into English as The Virtuous Island (1956) by Maurice Valency.[1]

Supplément au voyage de Cook was first performed on 21 November 1935[2] in Paris at the Théâtre de l'Athénée in a production by Louis Jouvet.[3]


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