The Vixen

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The Vixen
The Vixen-newspaperad-1917.jpg
Contemporary newspaper advertisement.
Directed by J. Gordon Edwards
Produced by William Fox
Written by Mary Murillo
Starring Theda Bara
Herbert Heyes
Cinematography Phil Rosen
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation
Release date
  • December 3, 1916 (1916-12-03)
Running time
60 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

The Vixen is a 1916 American silent drama film directed by J. Gordon Edwards and starring Theda Bara. This film was also titled The Love Pirate in the UK, and Il Pirata Dell'Amore in Italy.


Elsie Drummond (Theda Bara) is the spoiled daughter of an Admiral (George Clarke) who wanted much more than her father's position in society could offer. She didn't have the ability to meet men and socialize with them, but she thinks in a way of lure them in once they were within her limited circle.

However Admiral Drummond brings home a couple of men which were either young navy men with no money or old high-ranking men with a good salary. Elsie was looking for young, handsome and rich. After all, her father gave her everything materially she wanted. It was only natural she would want that and more.

According to Elsie's plans the ideal man had to be delivered to her first. Elsie's own sister, Helen (Mary G. Martin), was not spoiled like her. In fact, she was educated, worked and, while enjoying family life with her father and sister, wanted to make her own way in the world. Outgoing and trust worthy, she brought the occasional boyfriend Knowles (Herbert Heyes) into the house to introduce him to her family.

For Elsie, this was a great opportunity. She could lure him in a loaded good-looking guy and marry him. At the end Helen convinces Knowles to take back Elsie, once Knowles did know his wife was scheming to trade him for a richer man. It was Helen's goodness and strength that made him believe that, somehow, he and Elsie could have made it together.


Theda Bara Elsie Drummond
Herbert Heyes Knowles Murray
Mary G. Martin Helen Drummond
A. H. Van Buren Martin Stevens
George Clarke Adm. Drummond
Carl Gerard Wooer
George Odell Butler

Preservation status[edit]

The film is now considered a lost film.[1]


The film was released in Brazil with title A Raposa on May 31, 1917[2] at Cine Ideal, situated on Rua da Carioca 60-62, Rio de Janeiro. It was also exhibited on Cines Capitolio, Império and Pathé for two months. Cine Pathé was a cinema located at Floriano square also called Cinelândia. Cine Ideal belonged to the group Severiano Ribeiro, which still holds on its storehouse old silent films. Other titles to be released in sequence:[3]

Cinema Date Film Leading Enterprise
IDEAL May 24, 1917 O Enigma da Máscara (Masks and Faces) Johnston Forbes-Robertson Ideal Film Company
IDEAL May 31, 1917 A Raposa (The Vixen) Theda Bara Fox-Film
IDEAL June 7, 1917 A Ilha dos Desejos (The Island of Desire) George Walsh Fox-Film
IDEAL June 14, 1917 Dama de Copas (La donna di cuori) Hesperia Tiber Film

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