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The Vocabula Review was a monthly electronic magazine about the state of the English language.


The journal was published online by the Vocabula Communications Company.[1] Online access was by subscription. All previous issues were accessible online. The editor-in-chief and publisher was Robert Hartwell Fiske.[2] He was the editor of two collections of essays and poems that were previously published in The Vocabula Review: Vocabula Bound 1: Outbursts, Insights, Explanations, and Oddities and Vocabula Bound 2: Our Wresting, Writhing Tongue. Fiske also authored The Dimwit's Dictionary, a volume on over-used English words.[3]

The magazine's guiding philosophy of the English language tended to be anti-linguist and prescriptive, promoting prose that is elegant, clear, and precise.[4]


The magazine was first published in September 1999.[5] From January 2005, articles also appeared in a print version, the Vocabula Bound Quarterly.


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