The Voice UK (series 5)

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The Voice UK
Series 5
Broadcast from9 January –
9 April 2016
Ricky Wilson
Boy George
Paloma Faith
Presenter(s)Emma Willis
Marvin Humes
BroadcasterBBC One
Finals venueElstree Studios
Kevin Simm
OriginChorley, Lancashire
Song"All You Good Friends"
Genre(s)Rock, pop
MentorRicky Wilson

The Voice UK is a British television music competition to find new singing talent. The fifth series began airing on 9 January 2016 on BBC One.[1] The series is hosted by Emma Willis and Marvin Humes, and are joined by coaches and Ricky Wilson. Rita Ora did not appear in this series of the show after joining The X Factor and was replaced by Boy George. In addition, Sir Tom Jones did not return and was replaced by Paloma Faith.[2]

The fifth series was the last to be aired on BBC One as The Voice UK will move to ITV in 2017.[3] On 13 November, Wilson confirmed that this would be his last series. On 9 April 2016 former Liberty X singer Kevin Simm was announced as the winner of the series, this gave Ricky Wilson his second consecutive win as a coach. This was the final series to feature Wilson as a coach,[4] and the only series to feature Boy George and Paloma Faith, and the final series to feature Humes as a presenter.

Coaches and presenters[edit]

The Voice UK series 5 coaches

On 1 March 2015, rumours began circulating that Rita Ora would be leaving the show after just one series after host Marvin Humes said "Rita is blowing up across the world right now" and he "wouldn't be too surprised if she was too busy to come back next year": "Jessie and Kylie both quit so they could tour, so it wouldn't be a huge shock if Rita did the same".[5] In addition to this, Humes said that he wouldn't be surprised if "there was a new female next year and a change in the male line-up too."[5] On 15 April 2015, the Daily Star reported that Simon Cowell said he "saw Rita on The Voice and I thought she was very good. When it comes to asking her over, you know, it's fair game",[6] prompting rumours that Ora was set to join his show, The X Factor. However, these rumours were squashed at the end of April after bosses on The X Factor decided "not to pursue her".[7] On 6 June 2015, it was reported once again that Ora could be leaving the show and taking up a place on The X Factor following weeks of rumours.[8] A week later, Ora broke her silence on the topic, saying that "it is nice to even be rumoured to be in the running". She also said that "watching a bidding war going on makes me feel special".[9] On 16 June 2015, it was officially confirmed that Ora had joined The X Factor alongside new judge Nick Grimshaw, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Cowell.[10] It was later confirmed that day that Ora wouldn't be returning to The Voice.[11] During an appearance on BBC One's The Graham Norton Show, Norton teased her about leaving The Voice, asking if this would be her last appearance on BBC One. Ora responded saying "I love the BBC and the BBC love me back. And it was a great experience. [...] But honestly, it was all about time, and when I shoot The Voice, I'm not in the country, and so I technically wouldn't be able to do it anyway. But literally, that's the truth. They knew I couldn't have done it because my second album comes out then."[12]

In May 2014, The Voice UK executive producer Moira Ross said that she was hoping Kylie Minogue would return to the show for its 2016 series: "Kylie's doing her world tour, so she's not available for series four's filming dates, but hopefully we'll have her back for series five. So it's a little hiatus."[13] During an appearance on Alan Carr: Chatty Man in the same month, Minogue said that whilst she "can't go back next season (series four) [...] the season beyond's an open book. Let's see."[14] On 28 May 2015, So You Think You Can Dance judge Jason Derulo told the Daily Star that he was in talks to join The Voice UK: "there's some talk about me doing The Voice here. It's a cool show, there's interest from both parties, myself and them." He also praised, saying that he'd "like to sit with"[15] Following Ora's exit, Paloma Faith became favourite to join the show on 20 June 2015.[16] It followed reports that she was in talks to join the show, despite the fact she turned down the role for the last two years, as she said "it didn't feel right".[17] On 25 June 2015, The Voice of Ireland coach Rachel Stevens told OK! magazine that "if they [the producers] called, I'd be there in a second". In addition, she commented that due to her experience on the Irish version of the show, she thinks she is the best person to replace Ora.[18] On 1 July it was reported that former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, who has been on both the American and British versions of the show, was entering talks that week to join the show after had been "lobbying hard for her to join the panel".[19] However, bosses later claimed they didn't want X Factor castoffs on their show, thus ruling Scherzinger out of the running.[20] On the same day, former member of the Spice Girls and judge on Asia's Got Talent and Superstar, Melanie Chisholm said in an interview that she "would love to do The Voice".[21]

On 14 August 2015, it was announced that Paloma Faith would be replacing Rita Ora on the panel. Upon her appointment on the show, she said “I’m really excited about working with creative people who are there not just to be great singers, but also innovative personalities and performers. I have a long history of helping break artists as in my club nights I booked Kate Nash, Adele and The Noisettes before they hit the big time, and four of my band members have gone on to pursue successful solo careers. I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth into something that cultivates the talents of another person and takes the focus off myself for a bit.”[2]

On 14 August 2015, it was announced that Boy George would be joining the coaching lineup replacing Sir Tom Jones. Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One, publicly thanked Jones for "his dedication and commitment to the last four series", whilst Mark Linsey, Controller of Entertainment Commissioning, said that "Jones helped make The Voice UK a success" and thanked him for "his invaluable contribution to the series". George stated he's "he's thrilled and excited to be a coach on The Voice UK. I'm a huge fan of the show and have watched and engaged with it from series one. If I can help someone to win, I will be delighted. What a wonderful opportunity to share my experiences and help someone move forward with their musical career. I can't wait to sit in that chair!"[2]

Following the fourth series final, said that he "hopes" to return to the show in 2016 if he was invited back by the BBC.[22] In an interview in NME, Ricky Wilson admitted he had not heard anything from producers about their plans for the show's fifth series: "I don't know if I'd do it again, maybe."[23] With the announcement of Boy George and Paloma Faith joining the show's coaching panel, it was confirmed that both and Ricky Wilson would be returning to the show. When discussing his return, Wilson said he's "thrilled to be returning to The Voice as the coach of last season's winning performer, Stevie – but with Paloma Faith and Boy George on board, this series is going to be the hardest one yet. The pressure is definitely on, and I know Will will come out with all generic electronic tablets blazing. Fun fact: Paloma and I worked together for years in a bar up North. She just texted me to say she'll see me in the big red chairs, and her number still came up as 'Work Paloma'. I can't wait to start working with her again, but this time but she made me promise not to make her carry any beer barrels. It's going to be tough without Sir Tom as my Obi Wan Ke-Jonesey, but Culture Club's Colour By Numbers was the first album I ever owned and, having met George a couple of times, there's never a dull moment with him and that will no doubt make for an unpredictable and thrilling series."[2]. This is the final series of The Voice UK to air on BBC One as the show moved to ITV. This is also the final series to feature Marvin Humes as host after 3 series.


At the end of the sixth episode of the fourth series, auditions for the 2016 series were advertised. Audition dates in front of the producers were revealed as well, beginning in Belfast on 18 June.[24]

It was announced that the show's blind auditions would be returning to Manchester's dock10 studios in September 2015 on 14 August 2015.[2] The show was taped between 26 and 29 September 2015.[25] Official photos were released on the first day of filming, revealing what the coaches would be wearing during the blind audition process.[26]


Colour key:

  •      Winner
  •      Runner-up
  •      Third place
  •      Eliminated in the Live shows
  •      Eliminated in the Knockouts
  •      Artist was stolen by another coach at the Battles
  •      Eliminated in the Battles
  •      Withdrew
Coach Top 48 Artists
Lydia Lucy Lyrickal Lauren Lapsley-Browne Charley Blue Tom Rickels
Faheem Eli Cripps Theo Llewellyn Aaron Hill Mari Marli
Colleen Gormley Vivica Jade Scott and Vicki Irene Alano-Rhodes
Boy George
Cody Frost Vangelis Polydorou Harry Fisher Laura Begley Leighton Jones
Chase Morton Alaric Green Bradley Waterman Eli Cripps Heather Cameron-Hayes
Melissa Cavanagh J Sealy Tobias Robertson Charley Birkin
Paloma Faith
Heather Cameron-Hayes Jordan Gray Beth Morris Dwaine Hayden Deano Boroczky
Rick Snowdon Faith Nelson Aaron Hill Kevin Simm Bradley Waterman
Theo Llewellyn Aliesha Lobuczek Steve Devereux Megan Reece JJ Soulx
Ricky Wilson
Kevin Simm Jolan Chloe Castro Brooklynne Richards Mia Sylvester
Kagan Rachel Ann Aliesha Lobuczek Alaric Green Áine Carroll
Janine Dyer David Barnes Tom Milner Efe Udugba
Note: Italicised names are stolen artists (names struck through within former teams).

Blind auditions[edit]

Each coach has the length of the artists' performance to decide if they want that artist on their team. Should two or more coaches want the same artist, then the artist will choose their coach.

Colour key
   Coach hit his/her "I WANT YOU" button
     Artist defaulted to this coach's team
     Artist elected to join this coach's team
     Artist eliminated with no coach pressing his or her "I WANT YOU" button
     Artist received an 'All Turn'.

Episode 1 (9 January)[edit]

The series premiere was broadcast on 9 January 2016 from 7.30pm until 9.05pm.

Order Artist Age Song Coaches and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Beth Morris 25 "Nutbush City Limits"
2 Tom Rickels 22 "Want to Want Me/Love Me like You Do"
3 Brooklynne Richards 23 "Cry to Me"
4 Keri-Ellah 20 "Before He Cheats"
5 John Bonham 29 "Can I Play with Madness"
6 Reverend John Barron 49 "This Is the Moment"
7 Dwaine Hayden 30 "Don't Know Why"
8 Ryan Willingham 23 "Stars"
9 Lyrickal 46 "Virtual Insanity"
10 Áine Carroll 16 "Brokenhearted"
11 Bernie Clifton 79 "The Impossible Dream"
12 Cody Frost 17 "Lay All Your Love on Me"

Episode 2 (16 January)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.45pm until 9.05pm.

Order Artist Age Song Coaches and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Charley Blue 24 "Roll Over Beethoven"
2 Chase Morton 30 "If You Want Me to Stay"
3 Divina de Campo 32 "Poor Wandering One"
4 Megan Reece 28 "What You Don't Do"
5 Stevie Calrow 74 "Witchcraft"
6 Lydia Lucy 22 "Trouble"
7 Janine Dyer 38 "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
8 Niamh Breslin 18 "Martha's Harbour"
9 Melissa Cavanagh 25 "Blame"
10 Harry Fisher 18 "Let It Go"

Episode 3 (23 January)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.45pm until 9.05pm.

Order Artist Age Song Coaches and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Colet Selwyn 21 "This Ole House"
2 Charley Birkin 52 "Rescue Me"
3 Tom Milner 24 "Wait on Me"
4 Stacey Lee 31 "Say Something"
5 Cody Lee 17 "Ruby"
6 Billy Black 38 "Bad Case of Loving You"
7 Lauren Lapsley-Browne 18 "Ain't Nobody"
8 Olivia Kate Davies 17 "Don't Be So Hard on Yourself"
9 Efe Udugba 31 "Jealous"
10 Brooke Waddle 27 "I've Got the Music in Me"
11 Deano 27 "You Do Something To Me"
12 Irene Alano-Rhodes 42 "Wind Beneath My Wings"

Episode 4 (30 January)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.45pm until 9.10pm.

Order Artist Age Song Coaches and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Aliesha Lobuczek 17 "Break Free"
2 The Dublin City Rounders 20-28 "Blank Space"
3 Alaric Green 21 "Broken Vow"
4 Tim Baldwin 20 "I'm Yours"
5 Faheem 21 "Marvin Gaye"
6 Sammy-Jo Evans 17 "Jukebox Blues"
7 J Sealy 43 "The First Cut Is the Deepest"
8 Steve Devereux 60 "The Lady Is a Tramp"
9 Lester Preston 33 "Dancing On My Own"
10 Valerie Bacon 70 "You're My World"
11 Heather Cameron-Hayes 16 "Life on Mars"
12 Kevin Simm 35 "Chandelier"

Episode 5 (6 February)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.15pm until 8.30pm.

Order Artist Age Song Coaches and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Vivica Jade 27 "Gravity"
2 Marvin The Jazz Man 19 "Sing Sing Sing"
3 Chloe Castro 19 "From Eden"
4 Mike Collin 30 "Budapest"
5 Gemma Magnusson 32 "Something Inside So Strong"
6 Kagan 17 "Take a Bow"
7 Cian Ducrot 18 "One More Night"
8 Tobias Robertson 22 "You've Got a Friend in Me"
9 Wett n Wilde 68-74 "Up Where We Belong"
10 Dylan Thomas 18 "Like a Rolling Stone"
11 Bradley Waterman 19 "Forget You"
12 Mari Marli 23 "Bang Bang"
13 Vangelis 24 "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me"

Episode 6 (13 February)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.15pm until 8.30pm.

Order Artist Age Song Coaches and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Mia Sylvester 28 "Ain't No Way"
2 Scott & Vicki 23-24 "Fascination"
3 Paul Phoenix 55 "Chasing Pavements"
4 Eli Cripps 28 "Real Love"
5 JJ Soulx * 25 "What's Going On"
5 Mario Wolfgang 25 "How Deep Is Your Love"
7 Theo Llewellyn 26 "Sweet Love"
8 Julie Williams 36 "Love Is a Battlefield"
9 Jordan Gray * 26 "Just Like A Woman"
10 Mike Berry 73 "True Love Ways"
11 Rick Snowdon 29 "I Put A Spell On You"
12 Tom Read Wilson 28 "Accentuate The Positive"
13 Jolan 21 "Wishing Well"
  • Although JJ Soulx joined Faith's team in the blind auditions, she later withdrew from the show for personal reasons. As a result, Faith selected Jordan Gray, who had not previously been chosen in the blinds, to take her place for the battle rounds.

Episode 7 (20 February)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.15pm until 8.35pm.

Order Artist Age Song Coaches and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Lisa Wallace 42 "Last Dance"
2 Faith Nelson 17 "Earned It"
3 Rachel Ann 16 "In for the Kill" N/A
4 Paul Pashley 36 "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor"
5 Mike E 42 "You Can Get It If You Really Want"
6 Corinne Cooper 22 "Lay Me Down"
7 The Land Girls 37-42 "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy"
8 Sam Bloor 19 "Come and Get It"
9 Leighton Jones 41 "Heaven Help Us All"
10 Mexican Brothers 32-38 "La Bamba"/"Twist And Shout"
11 David Williams 26 "Breakeven"
12 David Barnes 37 "When a Man Loves a Woman"
13 Rose Farquhar 31 "Anyone Who Had a Heart" N/A
14 Laura Begley 22 "Ask"
15 Kerry O'Dowd 32 "Glitterball" N/A
16 Aaron Hill 24 "Never Too Much"
17 Jeffri Ramli 35 "Valerie"
18 Colleen Gormley 28 "When You Say Nothing at All"

Battle rounds[edit]

The battle rounds will consist of two 2 hour shows on 27 February and 5 March. Like the previous series, each coach is allowed two saves – they may hit their button as many times as they like but may only steal two artists. In a change from previous series, the coaches' chairs will turn around after each performance to face away from the stage so that in the event of steal they turn back around to face the contestants.

Colour key
   Coach hit his/her "I WANT YOU" button
       Artist won the Battle and advanced to the Knockouts
       Artist lost the Battle but was stolen by another coach and advances to the Knockouts
       Artist lost the Battle and was eliminated

Episode 1 (27 February)[edit]

This Episode aired from 7.00pm till 9.00pm.

Order Coach Artists Song Coaches' and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Lydia Lucy Irene Alano-Rhodes "Cryin'" N/A
2 Paloma Faith Dwaine Hayden Aliesha Lobuczek "Kiss Me" N/A
3 Boy George Harry Fisher Charley Birkin "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" N/A
4 Ricky Wilson Jolan Efe Udugba "Beat Surrender" N/A
5 Charley Blue Scott and Vicki "Black Magic" N/A
6 Ricky Wilson Chloe Castro Alaric Green "Hope There's Someone" N/A
7 Faheem Aaron Hill "Living for the City" N/A
8 Boy George Laura Begley Tobias Robertson "Love Will Tear Us Apart" N/A
9 Paloma Faith Jordan Gray Theo Llewelyn "This Woman's Work" __ N/A
10 Ricky Wilson Brooklynne Richards Tom Milner "Tears Dry on Their Own" N/A
11 Paloma Faith Rick Snowdon Bradley Waterman "Something's Got a Hold on Me" / "I'm a Man" N/A
12 Boy George Cody Frost Heather Cameron-Hayes "Nothing Compares 2 U" N/A

Episode 2 (5 March)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.00pm until 9.00pm.

Order Coach Artists Song Coaches' and artists choices Boy George Paloma Ricky
1 Paloma Faith Faith Nelson Kevin Simm "Spotlight" N/A N/A
2 Boy George Chase Morton J Sealy "I Can See Clearly Now" N/A
3 Lauren Lapsley-Browne Vivica Jade "Love Shack" N/A
4 Ricky Wilson Kagan David Barnes "King"
5 Boy George Vangelis Polydorou Melissa Cavanagh "One"
6 Ricky Wilson Mia Sylvester Janine Dyer "Ain't No Other Man"
7 Tom Rickels Colleen Gormley "Everything She Wants" N/A
8 Paloma Faith Deano Boroczky Megan Reece "I Try"
9 Boy George Leighton Jones Eli Cripps "If I Were Your Woman"
10 Lyrickal Mari Marli "Like I Can" N/A
11 Ricky Wilson Rachel Ann Áine Carroll "This Is The Last Time"
12 Paloma Faith Beth Morris Steve Devereux "Crazy"

Knockout rounds[edit]

The Knockout rounds aired on 12 and 20 March 2016. Teams of 8 after the battles were stripped down to 3 for the live shows.

Episode 1 (12 March)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.30pm until 8.45pm.

Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Paloma Faith Beth Morris "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Advanced
2 Deano Boroczky "Georgia on My Mind" Eliminated
3 Jordan Gray "Real Gone Kid" Advanced
4 Rick Snowdon "Watch Over You" Eliminated
5 Aaron Hill "Goin' Up Yonder" Eliminated
6 Heather Cameron-Hayes "Holding Out for a Hero" Advanced
7 Dwaine Hayden "Knocks Me Off My Feet" Eliminated
8 Faith Nelson "Runnin' (Lose It All)" Eliminated
1 Ricky Wilson Jolan "Never Tear Us Apart" Advanced
2 Brooklynne Richards "Think" Eliminated
3 Aliesha Lobuczek "Unconditionally" Eliminated
4 Chloe Castro "Alive" Advanced
5 Rachel Ann "Come as You Are" Eliminated
6 Kagan "Hotline Bling" Eliminated
7 Mia Sylvester "Who's Lovin' You" Eliminated
8 Kevin Simm "Wings" Advanced

Episode 2 (20 March)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.45pm until 9.00pm.

Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Boy George Alaric Green "Unchained Melody" Eliminated
2 Laura Begley "Sweet Disposition" Eliminated
3 Harry Fisher "Hello" Advanced
4 Bradley Waterman "Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)" Eliminated
5 Leighton Jones "Feel Like Makin' Love" Eliminated
6 Vangelis Polydorou "Always on My Mind" Advanced
7 Chase Morton "If You Let Me Stay" Eliminated
8 Cody Frost "Another Brick in the Wall" Advanced
1 Lydia Lucy "I Knew You Were Trouble" Advanced
2 Faheem "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" Eliminated
3 Charley Blue "Frisky" Eliminated
4 Theo Llewellyn "Photograph" Eliminated
5 Tom Rickels "Problem" Eliminated
6 Eli Cripps "Used to Love U" Eliminated
7 Lauren Lapsley-Browne "Release Me" Advanced
8 Lyrickal "Read All About It" Advanced

Live shows[edit]

The live shows began on 26 March 2016.

Results summary[edit]

Result's colour key
     Artist given 'Fast Pass' by their coach and did not face the public vote
     Artist received the fewest votes and was eliminated
     Artist won the competition
     Artist withdrew from the competition
Weekly results per artist
Contestant Week 1 Week 2 Week 3
Round 1 Round 2
Kevin Simm Fast Pass Safe Safe Winner
(week 3)
Jolan Safe Safe Safe Runner-up
(week 3)
Cody Frost Fast Pass Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 3)
Lydia Lucy Safe Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 3)
Heather Cameron-Hayes Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Jordan Gray Fast Pass Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Lyrickal Fast Pass Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Vangelis Polydorou Safe Eliminated Eliminated
(week 2)
Lauren Lapsley-Browne Eliminated Eliminated
(week 1)
Harry Fisher Eliminated Eliminated
(week 1)
Beth Morris Withdrew
(week 1)
Chloe Castro

Live show details[edit]

Week 1: Quarter-final (26 March)[edit]

The first part aired from 7.00pm until 8.40pm, and the second part from 8.50pm until 9.20pm.

Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Lydia Lucy "Somebody Else's Guy" Advanced
2 Lyrickal "Just Like a Child" Fast pass
3 Lauren Lapsley-Browne "Dreamer" Eliminated
4 Paloma Faith Heather Cameron-Hayes "Stitches" Advanced
5 Jordan Gray "Shake It Out" Fast pass
6 Ricky Wilson Kevin Simm "Kissing You"
7 Jolan "Yes" Advanced
8 Boy George Harry Fisher "Space Oddity" Eliminated
9 Vangelis Polydorou "Here Comes the Rain Again" Advanced
10 Cody Frost "Ordinary World" Fast pass

On 26 March 2016, it was announced that Chloe Castro and Beth Morris had withdrawn from the competition due to health and personal reasons, respectively. They were not replaced and the elimination went ahead as normal.

Week 2: Semi-final (2 April)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.00pm until 9.05pm.

With the eliminations of Heather Cameron-Hayes and Jordan Gray, Paloma Faith no longer has any artists remaining on her team.

Order Coach Artist Song Result
1 Ricky Wilson Kevin Simm "Rolling in the Deep" Advanced
2 Lyrickal "See You Again" Eliminated
3 Paloma Faith Heather Cameron-Hayes "Sorry"
4 Boy George Cody Frost "The Chain" Advanced
5 Lydia Lucy "I'll Be There"
6 Paloma Faith Jordan Gray "Dancing in the Dark" Eliminated
7 Boy George Vangelis Polydorou "Beautiful"
8 Ricky Wilson Jolan "Purple Rain" Advanced

Week 3: Final (9 April)[edit]

This episode aired from 7.00pm until 9.00pm.

Order Coach Artist First song Order Second song (duet) Order Winner's song Result
1 Ricky Wilson Jolan "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" 5 "Are You Gonna Go My Way" (with Ricky Wilson) 9 "All You Good Friends" Runner-up
2 Lydia Lucy "No One" 8 "Boys & Girls" (with N/A N/A (already eliminated) Eliminated
3 Ricky Wilson Kevin Simm "Stay" 7 "Mr. Brightside" (with Ricky Wilson) 10 "All You Good Friends" Winner
4 Boy George Cody Frost "Mad World" 6 "Imagine" (with Boy George) N/A N/A (already eliminated) Eliminated



Series 5 of The Voice UK launched to an audience of 7.87 million viewers, down over 1 million viewers on Series 4. However, ratings remained steady until they then took the usual dip as tougher competition was faced from ITV and Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. Series 5 has the lowest average rating of any The Voice UK series for its Blind Auditions.

Episode Date Official ratings[28]
(in millions)
weekly rank[28]
Blind auditions 1 9 January 7.87 7
Blind auditions 2 16 January 7.03 11
Blind auditions 3 23 January 7.42 10
Blind auditions 4 30 January 7.69 8
Blind auditions 5 6 February 7.41 10
Blind auditions 6 13 February 7.11 9
Blind auditions 7 20 February 6.57 11
Battle rounds 1 27 February 6.33
Battle rounds 2 5 March 6.05 10
Knockout rounds 1 12 March 6.18 8
Knockout rounds 2 20 March 6.73
Live show 1 26 March 5.52 10
Live results 1 5.10 15
Live show 2 2 April 5.22 12
Live Final 9 April 5.12 13
Series average 2016 6.49 10 (10.2)


Tom Jones' exit[edit]

On 14 August 2015, it was announced that Boy George would be joining the show alongside Paloma Faith, and Ricky Wilson.[2] Later that day, Sir Tom Jones posted a message to his fans on Facebook which said the following: "About The Voice UK: In good faith, as part of the team, I’d put the time in my schedule to be involved in Series 5, as I’ve done so for the last 4 years. I’ve supported the show and the BBC since the beginning. I was told yesterday, with no consultation or conversation of any kind, that I would not be returning. Having been through plenty of transformations throughout the years, I support and admire creative change. But being informed, as a matter of duty and respect, is an important part of creative relationships. This sub-standard behaviour from the executives is very disappointing. I will always admire the courage of the performers who participate in the show, as well as all the production staff who worked tirelessly to make a great family viewing experience for the audience at home. I wish the show well."[29]

This sparked outrage with the show's viewers, with many of them venting their frustration via Twitter.[30], and hosts Marvin Humes and Emma Willis also expressed their disappointment during interviews. The BBC responded to this backlash by stating "The final decision on the coaches line up for series five of The Voice was only taken on Wednesday [12 August] and Tom's team was informed early yesterday [13 August] morning. We then announced it to the press so that it didn't leak. This has been the same every year and no role was ever promised. The chemistry between the coaches is extremely important and that they all represent different musical genres and we feel the new line up is exactly what the show needs. We look forward to seeing Tom on BBC One in October with his Children in Need concert. Tom hasn't been axed or fired from The Voice. He was out of contract once series four ended in April and that contract has not been renewed."

On 17 August, George posted the following the message on Twitter: "I have absolute respect for Tom Jones. The man is an absolute legend. Huge fan!"[31] The following day, Jones uploaded a new song on his YouTube channel entitled "Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do?", with the accompanying message on Facebook: "This is a song I recently recorded, just happens to fit the bill! I'd like to thank everyone who's been so kind to me lately, except for those few, this is dedicated to them".[29]

Technical issues[edit]

Around 40,000 people applied to be on this series of The Voice. A month before the blind auditions were due to begin, the 200 artists that would be auditioning in front of the coaches were contacted and told that they were not successful, leaving no one to actually be performing on the show. The producers noticed the error hours later and had to contact all the singers to inform them that they would still be performing on the show. A spokesperson for the show said "We can confirmed this unfortunate incident was caused by a technical glitch and was rectified immediately." [32]

Faith and George[edit]

On 30 September 2015 The Mirror reported that the two new coaches, Faith and George, had been involved in a heated pitch for an artist they both turned around for on the third day of auditions (Monday 28th). The argument arose when Faith pretended to snore and fall asleep during George's pitch. George responded by saying "You said you weren't going to be bitchy and you're being bitchy. You've probably got PMT or something, you were extremely rude. If you choose Paloma she will probably fall asleep while you sing." On a separate occasion, he had told an artist that they had more number one hits in America than Faith did as well as telling her "don't give it if you can't take it". Fellow coach later commented "that was super intense, I don't think I want to go backstage anymore, I'll stay out here instead."[33] A spokesperson for the show said that the row arose because "all four coaches are fighting hard to get the best talent on their teams. Competition and banter may be lively on camera but professional rivalries are left at the studio doors at the end of every recording. We think viewers are going to love the genuine passion that our new line-up brings to The Voice in 2016." In the early hours of the morning on 30 September, George posted a photo of himself and Faith on Twitter with the caption "Ha. Love you Paloma Faith it's just 'banter-mime!", to which Faith replied "[the] feeling is mutual baby!".[34] The pitch in question was over former Liberty X singer Kevin Simm, which aired during episode 4 of the Blind Auditions.

Contestants pulling out[edit]

Over the course of the series, a total of three contestants pulled out from the competition for various reasons. The first instance of this was when JJ Soulx pulled out after her blind audition for "personal reasons", leading her to be replaced by formerly eliminated contestant Jordan Gray. However, the issue was again raised when two contestants – Beth Morris and Chloe Castro – pulled out before the quarter-final only hours before it was due to be aired.[35][36] Viewers complained about this as both had been considered favourites to win, and their departure was put very abruptly. Though it was revealed Castro quit for health reasons, many online tabloids and newspapers speculated that Morris had left due to drug allegations, something she had kept hidden from producers.[37][38]

Morris revealed that the drug allegations were in fact true, stating to Digital Spy, "Two years ago I realised I had a problem with drugs. I made the decision myself to seek treatment and checked into the Priory clinic. It gave me strength and helped me face the world. It changed me for the better. But addiction is tough. And I am sorry to say that I have relapsed on a few occasions since I left. When this has happened I have immediately sought help. I'm truly sorry I've let everyone down but I'm determined to put this behind me." Once released to the producers of the show, both them and Morris agreed that the best course of action would be to withdraw from the competition.[39]


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