The Vox Jaguars

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The Vox Jaguars
OriginSanta Cruz, California
GenresAlternative rock, Garage rock revival, Garage punk, Indie rock, Neo-psychedelia
Years active2006–2010
LabelsAnodyne Records
Past membersJordan Topf
Noah Bond
Sam Copperman
Mason Rosenberg
Trevor Hope
Luke David
Justin Fisher

The Vox Jaguars was a North American rock band that formed in Santa Cruz, California in 2006. They began their career with performances in local coffee houses and record stores. They are influenced by artists such as The Stooges, MC5, The Velvet Underground, and other Protopunk artists. The Vox Jaguars are well known for their energetic live performances, and have performed with The Fiery Furnaces, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Grand Ole Party, and Scissors For Lefty. The Vox Jaguars have been part of the garage rock revival, and have influenced many indie artists in the Santa Cruz area of California (No Age, Foreign Born). No Age said they were their "favorite new band".[1]

Original lineup[edit]

The original lineup featured Jordan Topf (vocals, guitar), Justin Fisher (keyboard), and Mason Rosenberg (drums). Fisher left the band to attend college in Portland which led to an addition of new personnel and rearrangements. Mason Rosenberg moved to bass, and Trevor Hope was introduced to drums. The second incarnation of the Vox Jaguars was a power trio in 2007.

Demo CD[edit]

The Vox Jaguars' demo CD, Out of Luck, was recorded by Luke David, and featured four tracks; "Swagger", "Frail", "Good As Gone", and "Metropolis". These tracks all featured an electric organ played by both Luke David and Mason Rosenberg. Out of Luck enjoyed some success in the greater San Francisco, Bay area.The song "Swagger" was discovered by the creators of FOX TV's Canterbury's Law, who used the song in the climax episode of the short-run prime-time TV series in April 2008.[2]

Lineup changes[edit]

After touring the West coast of the United States a couple of times, Mason Rosenberg broke his hand in a bicycle accident, so Sam Copperman filled in while Rosenberg recovered from his injury. When Rosenberg's hand had healed, Copperman was retained as keyboardist. Occasionally, Luke David filled in on keyboards when Copperman wasn't available. Copperman also played stand-up bass on rare acoustic appearances that shifted Rosenberg to toy piano.

EP production[edit]

Loves In Heat Records had talked about releasing a Vox Jaguars CD, but the band's new manager, Adam Levin, arranged for a short EP release of The Vox Jaguars, a default self-titled release on Anodyne Records that was originally intended to be called Powerhouse. The title was changed at the last minute, resulting in a bit of confusion for purchasers, and online buyers. Vox Jaguars – EP was released on February 10, 2009 and was produced by Ariel Rechtshaid (who also produced for We Are Scientists, The Blood Arm, Valencia, Plain White T's). By the time The Vox Jaguars EP was released, Sam Copperman was no longer in the band, but had contributed on the EP. The Vox Jaguars dropped the keyboard when Copperman left for college in the Fall of 2008. At that time, Noah Bond was introduced as the Vox Jaguars' lead guitarist. The CD was recorded at the Sunset Lodge Studios in Los Angeles, California. The short EP features four tracks: "Swagger", "Song for the Girl", "Wild Orphan", and "Homesick". The Vox Jaguars' second version of "Swagger" has been popular among college students, and has received a good deal of airplay on university and public radio stations.

The Vox Jaguars have written about twenty original songs, although only five of them appear on their CD's. The Vox Jaguars are currently signed to Anodyne Records and have a small cult following.

List of songs[edit]

Can't Find Love in the Newspaper (unreleased)
Dead Man (unreleased)
Dilettante (unreleased)
Frail (Out of Luck 2007)
Good As Gone (Out of Luck 2007)
Homesick (Powerhouse 2009)
Lost (unreleased)
Marble Hearts (unreleased)
Metropolis (Out of Luck 2007)
Nevertheless, (unreleased)
Nonsense (unreleased)
Song for the Girl (Powerhouse 2009)
Swagger version 1 (Out of Luck 2007)
Swagger version 2 (Powerhouse 2009)
Swift Street (unreleased)
Wild Orphan (Powerhouse 2009)
Terrorize (unreleased)
White Wolf Eyes (unreleased)
Without Your Holster (unreleased)


As of the fall of 2009, the Vox Jaguars are on indefinite hiatus as band members temporarily pursue other goals in music, work and education.

Mason - A Quantum Visionary - Bright Stone - Vox Chupacabra. Studied music at Cabrillo College
Trevor - The Inciters - Vox Chupacabra. Still resides in Santa Cruz
Jordan - Mainland - Residing in New York City, graduated from The City University of New York
Sam went on to study music at Michigan State University
Justin graduated from Portland State University
Noah graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.


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