The Voyage of QV66

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The Voyage of QV66
First edition
Author Penelope Lively
Illustrator Harold Jones
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Children's novel
Publisher Heinemann
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 192 pp
ISBN 0-434-94898-5

The Voyage of QV66 is a children's novel by Penelope Lively. It is set in a strange, flooded, somewhat post-apocalyptic England devoid of people, and centres on a group of animals consisting of a dog, a cat, a cow, a horse, a pigeon and a mysterious character named "Stanley".

Plot summary[edit]

The characters travel in a boat (the QV66 of the title) with the intention of reaching London Zoo so that they can discover what Stanley is. They have a number of adventures along the way, including being joined by a parrot, several characters losing their way in a balloon, and Stanley himself getting locked in a bank vault. It is eventually revealed that Stanley is a monkey.