The Voyage of the Bourrichon Family

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The Voyage of the Bourrichon Family
Directed byGeorges Méliès
Produced byCharles Pathé
Release date
Completed 1912; released 2008
Running time
405 meters[1]

Le Voyage de la famille Bourrichon (known in English as The Voyage of the Bourrichon Family[2] or The Voyage of the Family Bourrichon[3]) is a 1912 French silent film directed by Georges Méliès,[1] based on a music-hall comedy by Eugène Labiche.[4] It is a comedy in the style of Max Linder,[3] and is notable for being Méliès's last film.[4]

Like all of Méliès's 1911–1912 films, The Voyage of the Bourrichon Family was made under the supervision of Charles Pathé and was planned for release by the Pathé Frères studio.[3] The film was probably completed by Méliès at the end of 1912,[4] and was advertised as an upcoming release in the French Ciné-Journal in May 1913.[5] However, Pathé did not release it.[3]

The film was presumed lost as late as 2000,[6] but was rediscovered in time to be included on a 2008 DVD collection of Méliès's films.[2]


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