The Wager (1998 film)

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The Wager
Directed by Aaron Woodley
Produced by Denise Cronenberg
Starring Peter Blais
Barclay Hope
Valerie Boyle
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)

The Wager is a 1998 short film, running approximately 19 minutes. The film was directed by Aaron Woodley, and it starred Peter Blais, Barclay Hope, and Valerie Boyle. was the film's executive producer.


A dark and humorous suspense drama which begins late one night as Richard is entering his apartment. He encounters an odd man dressed in his underwear and holding a box. The stranger proposes a series of morbid wagers referring to what may be hiding within. Each one is more disturbing and profound than the previous, and all lead toward a life-or-death gamble and a startling, unexpected conclusion.

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