The Wager (2007 film)

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The Wager
The Wager.jpg
Directed by Judson Pearce Morgan
Written by Judson Pearce Morgan (screenplay)
Bill Myers (book)
Starring Randy Travis
Jude Ciccolella
Nancy Stafford
Nancy Valen
Kelly Overton
Bronson Pinchot
Candace Cameron Bure
Doug Jones
Cinematography Todd Barron
Edited by Judson Pearce Morgan
Marcos Soriano
Blazing Sun Productions
Distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment
Release date
June 15, 2007 (2007-06-15)
Country United States
Language English

The Wager is a 2007 Christian drama film, directed by Judson Pearce Morgan. It stars Randy Travis, Jude Ciccolella and Candace Cameron Bure. It was based on the novel The Wager by Bill Myers. Billy DaMota did casting for the film.[1]


An actor at the pinnacle of his Hollywood career finds himself buckling to temptation after he accepts the lead in a classic tale of good versus evil. Michael Steele (Randy Travis) has just been nominated for Best Actor at the Academy Awards. In the wake of that announcement, Michael is cast in what may be the role of a lifetime.

He's set to play the lead in an incredible story of monumental conflict, but will all of the swirling gossip around Michael cause him to stumble on the path of righteousness? His marriage is in jeopardy and his career is on the line. This man who has always tried to do the right thing must find the courage and conviction needed to set his life straight.



The Wager was released theatrically on June 27, 2007. It was released to churches by Outreach Cinema,[2] a Christian group that organizes showings of faith-based film at churches nationwide. Christian distribution company Pure Flix Entertainment released the film to DVD on May 13.[3] The Wager was one of 14 Christian films featured at the 2008 Gideon Media Arts Conference and Film Festival.[4] It was also featured at the REAL LIFE Film Festival.[5]


Brett McCracken of Christianity Today gave the film 1/2 out of 4 stars, saying, "Quite simply, and across the board, The Wager is not a good film. But as a "Christian" film, with its low budget and artistic limitations, it at least gives a good try..."[6] Movieguide Magazine said, "The Wager is produced well. The camerawork, the editing, and the direction capture your attention... The script loses its focus two or three times and could have been fixed ahead of time... Overall, however, the movie works very well and the filmmakers should be commended."[7]


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