The Walking Stick

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The Walking Stick
The Walking Stick FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Eric Till
Produced by Elliott Kastner
Jay Kanter
Alan Ladd, Jr.
Written by Winston Graham (novel)
George Bluestone
Starring David Hemmings
Samantha Eggar
Music by Stanley Myers
Cinematography Arthur Ibbetson
Winkast Film
Distributed by MGM
Release date
  • 10 June 1970 (1970-06-10) (U.S.)
  • 1 October 1970 (1970-10-01) (UK)
Running time
96 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Walking Stick is a 1970 film based on the 1967 novel by Winston Graham.[1][2] it was directed by Eric Till and starring David Hemmings and Samantha Eggar. "Cavatina" was used as the film's theme, eight years before the piece became famous as the theme for The Deer Hunter (1978).


The film tells the story of a young woman, 26-year-old Deborah Dainton (Samantha Eggar), who has a limp as a result of suffering from polio. Her rigid and controlled life is transformed when she meets a handsome stranger called Leigh Hartley (David Hemmings) at a party. After developing a friendship, romance soon blossoms and for the very first time in her life Deborah feels happy.

This happiness does not last long as she soon discovers Leigh has been lying to her about his life. Leigh and his accomplices are planning to rob the antiques shop where Deborah works. They require her knowledge of the shop in order to pull the robbery off.



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