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The Wall Street Journal Asia, a version of The Wall Street Journal, provided news and analysis of global business developments for an Asian audience. Formerly known as The Asian Wall Street Journal, it was founded in 1976 and was printed in nine Asian cities: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, and Tokyo. Average circulation for 2011 was 83,421. Its largest markets in order of importance are: Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, India, and Vietnam. The final print edition of the newspaper was published on 9 October 2017.[1]

The paper's main regional office was in Hong Kong, and its former editor, international, was Daniel Hertzberg. The first editor and publisher of the Asian Journal was Peter R. Kann, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Dow Jones & Company. Gina Chua served as editor-in-chief of the publication before her appointment as executive editor of Reuters.[2][3]

The Wall Street Journal Asia was also found at The Wall Street Journal Online at, the largest paid subscription news site on the Web. The Wall Street Journal Asia was also published online in Chinese at


  • Its readers were 77.9% Asian citizens, and 67.4% work in top management.
  • Its readership had an average annual income of US$229,000 and an average annual household income of US$301,000.

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