The Walt Disney World Explorer

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The Walt Disney World Explorer
The Walt Disney World Explorer - Second Edition box art.jpg
Box art of the 1998 released Second Edition
Developer(s)Disney Interactive
Mindsai Productions
Publisher(s)Disney Interactive
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
Apple Macintosh
Release1996 (original version)
1998 (Second Edition)

The Walt Disney World Explorer is a point and click Windows and Macintosh application released on CD-ROM by Disney Interactive in 1996. The application focuses on the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, and consists of virtual tours, trivia and slideshows of the resort's parks, attractions and hotels. Various minigames are also built into the application, such as a quiz that allows users to test their knowledge of the resort, and a game which involves finding Hidden Mickeys. About two years after the initial release, The Walt Disney World Explorer – Second Edition was released with updated information on new attractions, parks, and resorts (e.g. Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Disney's Animal Kingdom, and Disney's Coronado Springs Resort). The application is narrated by Hettie Lynne Hurtes and Corey Burton.


In a brief November 1996 review of the application, Steve Daly of Entertainment Weekly gave the application a grade of C, saying at the time that the overworld map was slow to redraw and it was too easy to click on the wrong option when using the Mickey Mouse head-shaped compass.[1]


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