The Warrior (Osibisa album)

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The Warrior
Osibisa The Warrior.jpg
Compilation album by Osibisa
Released 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Afro-pop
Length 47:09
Label Soundwings Records
Osibisa chronology
The Warrior
Ayiko Bia

The Warrior is a bootleg version of the album Ojah Awake (1976) by British Afro-pop band Osibisa, released without authorisation in 1992 by Soundwings Records MC-102.1075-2 and distributed by Serenade S.A., Barcelona, Spain. The CD duplicates the Ojah Awake album (in poorer fidelity) with the addition of a track dubbed from Osibisa's video.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Coffee Song"   Bob Hilliard/Dick Miles 3:14
2. "The Warrior"   Bertha Egnos/Gail Valery Lakier 3:43
3. "Flying Bird"   Teddy Osei/Wendell Richardson/Mac Tontoh/Sol Amarfio 4:47
4. "Cherry Field"   Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh/Sol Amarfio 4:30
5. "Dance the Body Music"   Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh/Sol Amarfio/Kiki Gyan 3:48
6. "Ojah Awake"   Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh/Sol Amarfio 4:52
7. "Keep on Trying"   Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh/Sol Amarfio 5:17
8. "Hamattan"   Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh/Sol Amarfio 6:04
9. "Sakabo"   Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh/Sol Amarfio 3:58
10. "Ke Le Le" (live version from Warrior (video - 1983) Teddy Osei/Mac Tontoh/Sol Amarfio/Kofi Ayivor 6:56
Total length:


Release includes no musician credits