The Warriors of Qiugang

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The Warriors of Qiugang
The Warriors of Qiugang.jpg
Directed by Ruby Yang
Produced by Thomas Lennon
Ruby Yang
Written by Thomas Lennon
Music by Brian Keane
Cinematography Guan Xin
Release date
  • September 17, 2010 (2010-09-17)
Running time
39 minutes
Country United States
Language Mandarin

The Warriors of Qiugang (simplified Chinese: 仇岗卫士; traditional Chinese: 仇崗衛士; pinyin: Qiúgǎng Wèishì) is a 39-minute documentary film that chronicles the story of the Chinese village of Qiugang[1] (pop. 1,900 in ca. 2010[2]), in the suburbs of Bengbu City in Anhui Province in central-eastern China. It tells how a group of Chinese villagers put an end to the poisoning of their land and water by three chemical plants, the worst being Jiucailuo Chemical.[3] It was directed and produced by Academy Award winners Ruby Yang and Thomas F. Lennon, respectively. Guan Xin was the field producer and cinematographer. The film was nominated for an Oscar for best Documentary Short Subject[4] but lost to Strangers No More.[5]


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