The Waste Makers

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The Waste Makers
First edition
Author Vance Packard
Country United States
Subject Consumerism
Publisher David McKay
Publication date
Pages 306
ISBN 978-1935439370

The Waste Makers is a 1960 book on consumerism by Vance Packard. It was bestselling when it was released. The book argues that people in the United States consume a lot more than they should and are harmed by their consumption.


One reviewer summarized the book's thesis as follows:

American society overemphasizes consumption, especially the quantity rather than the quality of what it consumers, and that it therefore sacrifices culture, prudence, and a proper concern for the future. He blames these distorted values on the business community, especially on the marketers and advertisers who have beguiled the public into accepting false standards.[1]

Another reviewer described how marketers "force feed" people into buying things which are wasteful.[2]

Vance Packard worked to change the meaning of the term "consumerism" from a positive word about consumer practices to a negative word meaning excessive materialism and waste.[3] The ads for his book The Waste Makers prominently featured the word "consumerism" in a negative way.[3]


One reviewer said that the book is an examination of how economic growth became thought to be a virtue.[4]

Another reviewer said that the book describes the manipulation of ordinary people by business interests.[5] The reviewer for Commentary noted that Packard had made harsh attacks on businessmen.[6]


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