The Watertower

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The Watertower
The Watertower.jpg
Cover for The Watertower
AuthorGary Crew
IllustratorSteven Woolman
PublisherEra Publications
Publication date
Media typeHardcover & Paperback
Followed byBeneath the Surface 

The Watertower is a 1994 young adult's picture book written by Australian author Gary Crew and illustrated by Steven Woolman.[1] The story, which takes place in a small rural town called Preston, is about two teenagers exploring a sinister watertower on Shooter's Hill. The illustrations for the watertower use a combination of chalk and pencil on black paper, and acrylic paint on textured board. The text is simple, while the complex illustrations create an eerie atmosphere, most notably with the recurring theme of the watertower symbol.

The book follows the codes and conventions of a subgenre of science fiction, known as gothic science fiction. It involves a "pleasing hobo sort of terror" related to gothic tradition but also has references to technology corrupting life. This is represented through the use of satellites.



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