The Waxworks Murder

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The Waxworks Murder
First US edition cover
Author John Dickson Carr
Original title The Corpse in the Waxworks
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Henri Bencolin
Genre Mystery, Detective novel
Publisher Hamish Hamilton (UK) & Harper (USA)
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback & paperback)
Pages 220 pp (Penguin paperback edition, 1962

The Waxworks Murder, first published in 1932, is a detective story by John Dickson Carr featuring his series detective Henri Bencolin of the Parisian police. This novel is a mystery of the type known as a whodunnit.

Plot summary[edit]

The body of a young woman, who has been stabbed in the back, is found floating in the Seine River. The body of another young woman, with a knife in her back, is found in the arms of a wax figure, the "Satyr of the Seine", in a local wax museum. All available clues lead directly to the infamous "Club of the Silver Key", where aristocratic masked club members mix and mingle in the darkened rooms in search of adulterous entertainment. Henri Bencolin and his friend Jeff Marle must penetrate the club and make sense of the few clues before Bencolin arrives at the solution and makes a very surprising wager with the murderer.