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The Way may refer to:



  • "The Way", a term used for the Two by Twos church, also commonly known as "Cooneyites", "Meetings", "The Truth", or "Workers and Friends"
  • Dokai (Japanese: 道会, "Society of The Way"), a Japanese Christian movement founded by Matsumura Kaiseki in 1907
  • The Way of the Cross, a Catholic devotion to the Passion of Christ
  • The Way of Madonna Della Strada
  • The Way International, a Christian denomination founded by Victor Paul Wierwille in 1942


  • The Way, or Dō (Way), of any number of spiritual and martial disciplines stemming from Japanese culture.
  • The Way, or "Tao", of Taoism
  • The Way of the Buddha Dharma, or Buddhism
  • The Way of Shinto

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  • The Way (band), Christian country-rock band of the early 1970s, part of the Jesus Movement
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