The Weather Underground (film)

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The Weather Underground
U.S. DVD cover
Directed by Sam Green, Bill Siegel
Starring Bill Ayers
Bernardine Dohrn
Mark Rudd
Brian Flanagan
Naomi Jaffe
Laura Whitehorn
David Gilbert
Kathleen Neal Cleaver
Todd Gitlin
Running time
95 minutes
Language English
Box office $564,632[1]

The Weather Underground is a 2002 documentary film based on the rise and fall of the American radical organization The Weathermen. Using much archive footage from the time as well as interviews with the Weathermen today, the film constructs a linear narrative of the organization.

The film, directed by Sam Green and Bill Siegel won the audience choice award at the Chicago Underground Film Festival and went on to be nominated for an Academy Award in 2004.[2]

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