The Weathermen (hip hop group)

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The Weathermen
The Weathermen logo.
Background information
Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Hip hop
Years active
  • 1999–2010
Associated acts
Past members
  • Tage Future (formerly known as Tage Proto)

The Weathermen was an American hip hop group, formed in 1999 in New York City, New York, composed of East Coast rappers and producers Aesop Rock, Tame One, Cage, Yak Ballz, El-P, and Breeze Brewin.[1][2][3][4] The group took its name from the revolutionary organization Weatherman, and sometimes refers to itself as the "New Left". Former members include Jakki Tha Motamouth, Masai Bey, Tage Proto of the MHz, Copywrite (who left due to personal differences with Cage),[5] Vast Aire,[6] and the late Camu Tao (who died of lung cancer). After the death of Tao, Cage revealed The Weathermen would no longer release any material.[7][8]


American rapper Cage formed The Weathermen, a hip hop collective alongside Camu Tao, El-P, Copywrite, Yak Ballz, Tame One, Breeze Brewin, Jakki tha Motamouth and Vast Aire. The Weathermen released a mixtape in 2003 titled The Conspiracy, on Eastern Conference Records.[9][10] The Conspiracy was to be the last work Cage would record for Eastern Conference, leaving the label over alleged non-payment. In the summer of 2010, Cage announced on his Facebook page the beginning of a collaboration between himself and Aesop Rock called "Two of Every Animal", along with the news that there would be no new Weathermen without Camu Tao.


  • "5 Left in the Clip" (2003)
  • "Reports of a Possible Kidnapping" (2009)
  • "The Only Weathermen Song" (2012) (Digital Single through El-P's bandcamp, originally recorded between 2001-2002)


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