The Wedding (Steel novel)

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The Wedding
The wedding cover steel.jpg
AuthorDanielle Steel
CountryUnited States
Publication date
Preceded byIrresistible Forces 
Followed byThe House On Hope Street 

The Wedding is a romance novel written by American writer Danielle Steel and published in April 2000 . Set in Los Angeles, against a star-studded backdrop, it follows a busy career woman as she meets the man of her dreams, falls in love and plans her wedding. It was first on the New York Times Best Seller list.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

Allegra Steinberg, daughter of movie producer Simon Steinberg and television writer Blaire Scott, is a successful entertainment lawyer who seems to have the perfect life. She has a satisfying career and is surrounded by people she loves, including her boyfriend, Brandon, her sister Samantha, an aspiring model, and her best friend, Alan Carr, a Hollywood heartthrob.

While on a business trip in New York City, she meets writer Jeff Hamiliton, and although there is chemistry between the pair, Allegra does not pursue the attraction. However, after she discovers that Brandon has been cheating on her, she meets up with Jeff, and before long, the couple are engaged and planning a wedding at her parents Bel Air home.

As their September ceremony looms, Allegra finds herself faced with many business, romantic and personal problems, including a pregnancy in the family, the death of a client and the return of her father. The wedding becomes a chance for forgiveness, hope and reconciliation.


Publishers Weekly called it "predictable".[2]


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