The Wedding (2004 film)

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The Wedding (Polish: Wesele) is a dark comedy film made in 2004 in Poland. It was directed by Wojtek Smarzowski.


The movie opens with the wedding of Janusz and Kasia. The father of the bride, Wieslaw Wojnar, gives Janusz a brand-new-looking Audi.

However, during the traditional, extravagant wedding feast, it is revealed that Wojnar bought Janusz the car as a bribe to marry Kasia, as she is pregnant. Wojnar has to pay several people off so that the wedding celebration can proceed smoothly. This includes securing a plot of land from his father-in-law, who is spending a lot of time in the men's room.

One of Kasia's old lovers is hired to videotape the wedding ceremony, but he's not interested in getting money out of Wojnar, as the others are. Eventually, Wojnar's situation gets worse and worse, as he has to bribe police officers and a notary public over the course of the long, drunken evening.



The director won the Eagle at the Polish Film Awards, the East of West Award - Special Mention at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Youth Jury Award - Special Mention at Locarno International Film Festival, while as writer he won the Best Script award at the Warsaw International Film Festival. Marian Dziedziel (Wojnar) won the Audience Award and the Eagle at the Polish Film Awards.

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