The Weight (The Sopranos)

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"The Weight"
The Sopranos episode
Sopranos ep404.jpg
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 4
Directed byJack Bender
Written byTerence Winter
Cinematography byPhil Abraham
Production code404
Original air dateOctober 6, 2002
Running time58 minutes
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"The Weight" is the 43rd episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the fourth episode of the show's fourth season. Written by Terence Winter and directed by Jack Bender, it originally aired on October 6, 2002. This episode marks the halfway point (43rd out of 86) of the series.


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Johnny is consumed with anger about Ralphie's joke about Ginny. He savagely assaults a young member of Ralphie's crew who he happens to see laughing. When Tony confronts him, he blames his anger, but says he loves his "Rubenesque" wife. On Tony's instructions, Ralphie phones Johnny to try to make peace; against his instructions, he apologises, which Johnny takes as an admission of guilt.

Johnny asks Carmine to allow a hit on Ralphie; he refuses. There are then two sit-downs. At the first, Ralphie is present; Johnny walks out, saying, "I cannot be in the same room as this man." At the second, he is inflexible; Carmine says, "Get the fuck over it!" and Johnny walks out again.

Carmine hints to Tony that Johnny can be killed. Silvio and Christopher arrange for it to be done in Boston, where Johnny is visiting his father. At the same time, Johnny arranges for Ralphie to be killed in Miami, where he is staying in a hotel.

Johnny leaves home for Boston, but remembers something and goes back. He finds Ginny with a stash of junk food and candy. She cries. He reminds her that he never asked her to lose weight, but he is deeply hurt that she has lied to him. He calls off the hit at the last moment. He tells Tony he will accept Ralphie's apology.

Meadow joins a law center representing underprivileged clients in the South Bronx. Tony is not pleased that she is drifting away from her plan to be a pediatrician.

Carmela and Tony are arguing bitterly about money and financial planning. She and Furio, who comes each morning to pick Tony up, are getting close. He has bought a house and she can advise him on land zoning regulations. At the housewarming party, the pair dance together to sensual Italian music.

Tony buys her some flowers and a little black dress from Saks Fifth Avenue. She puts it on. Greatly aroused, he takes her to bed. As he lies heavily on top of her, her eyes open and she imagines that she hears the music that she danced to with Furio.

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Title reference[edit]

  • The title refers to the joke Ralph Cifaretto made about Ginny Sacrimoni's weight in "No Show", which Johnny Sack eventually learned about from Paulie Gualtieri; this joke almost cost two arguing mobsters their lives.

References to other episodes[edit]

  • Ralph told the joke about Ginny's weight in "No Show"
  • When Ralph calls Johnny Sack to deny he told the "mole joke", Johnny says that he "should have let Tony chop off [Ralph's] head a year ago", referring to when Ralph and Tony were on the outs, and Tony was considering killing Ralph in the season 3 episode, "He Is Risen".
  • While visiting Meadow's dorm, Tony sees Meadow's graduation picture taken in the episode "Funhouse".


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