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Coordinates: 53°47′46″N 1°33′50″W / 53.796°N 1.564°W / 53.796; -1.564 The Wendy House was a goth and alternative nightclub based in Leeds, England. It generally occurred on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9.00pm to 2.30am at Leeds University Union.

The night was started in May 1998 by three graduates of the University of Leeds, who wanted the north of England to have something comparable with events at London venues such as The Slimelight and The Electric Ballroom. The Wendy House closed its doors after the final night, which was held on June 21st 2014.

Originally the night was held in the (now defunct) Harvey Milk Bar of Leeds University Union. In 2001, during construction work at the Union, the event moved to the Bassment at the Merrion Centre in the city centre.

In 2002, the event returned to Leeds University Union, where it remained up until closure in 2014. As in the early days, it occupied two floors, the main room being the Stylus venue while the Pulse venue (formerly known as Bar Coda) was occupied by the Mutate room, which took a more industrial and underground electronic angle. In 2005 they also briefly featured a third "indie" room.

The night claimed to have become the largest event of its type in the north of England. In order to fill the larger venue, it became less of a pure goth night (though its organisers say it was never strictly intended to be one), and more of a general alternative night, playing music from the 1980s onwards. It had an emphasis on fun and not taking itself too seriously— typically closing the evening by playing a Britney Spears track.

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