The Western Producer

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The Western Producer
Editor Barb Glen
Categories Agricultural
Frequency Weekly
First issue 24 August 1923[1]
Company GVIC Communications
Country Canada
Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Language English
ISSN 0043-4094

The Western Producer is a regional weekly publication based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada publishing news of interest to western Canadian farmers. It is the largest weekly publication of its type in Canada.

Harris Turner and A.P. "Pat" Waldron began the Saskatoon-based Modern Press publishing company in 1923. This followed the demise of Turner's previous venture, Turner's Weekly which originated in 1918. Modern released its first issue of The Progressive on 24 August 1923. The following year, the publication was renamed The Western Producer.

A major goal of the magazine in its early years was to promote pooling among wheat farmers. The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool was founded in 1924, an organisation that would purchase Modern Publishing in the early 1930s and support The Western Producer through the Great Depression. Until moving to its current location in the late 1990s, the Western Producer operated out of the Modern Press Building.

The current owner of Western Producer Publications is GVIC Communications which bought the publishing company from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in 2002. The current publisher is Shaun Jessome. The editor is Brian MacLeod.[2]


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