The WheelHouse

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The WheelHouse
Starring Brian Custer and Marc Malusis
Country of origin United States
Original network SportsNet New York

The WheelHouse was a daily Monday−Friday half-hour-long show on SportsNet New York aired from 5:30−6 pm EST. This show debuted on March 24, 2008 hosted by Brian Custer and featuring WFAN's Marc Malusis debating the top nine sports topics of the day. The show was based on nine segments (considered innings on the show) in which Brian Custer would bring up a topic inning-by-inning and let Brandon Tierney and Malusis debate for about a minute each. A guest usually joins the crew during the 7th inning stretch. At the end of the nine innings, each panelist had 15 seconds each to bring up any topic they wish and debate that. Former panelist Brandon Tierney left the show in 2011. The show was presented by Pepsi/Pepsi Max. The show was cancelled in April 2013.

At the end of the show the panelists have a 15 second time limit to get anything off their chest.

The Daily News Live precedes it and it is succeeded by Loud Mouths. It is the second show in the New York Sports Local on SNY.


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