The Wheel of Fire (Babylon 5)

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"The Wheel of Fire"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no.Season 5
Episode 19
Directed byJanet Greek
Written byJ. Michael Straczynski
Production code520
Original air dateNovember 4, 1998
Guest appearance(s)

Monique Edwards (Officer)
Denise Gentile (Lise Hampton-Edgars)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Fall of Centauri Prime"
Next →
"Objects in Motion"
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"The Wheel of Fire" is an episode from the fifth season of the science fiction television series Babylon 5.


G'Kar deals with his cult-like followers; Delenn learns that she is pregnant; Lochley helps Garibaldi deal with his problems with alcoholism.

G'Kar returns to the station to find that he has many followers now, treating him messianically. Garibaldi attends a meeting drunk, and Sheridan confronts him, and suspends him until he has worked out his problem. Garibaldi admits that might be a while.

Franklin goes to meet G'Kar in his quarters and tells him that half the Kha'ri want him as leader, and the other half want his blessing for their leadership. Meanwhile, pilgrims to G'kar keep arriving on the station.

Lochley meanwhile is informed that there have been many attacks of Psi-Corps stations recently with the words "Remember Byron" spray painted. Lochley is ordered to detain Lyta. Later she calls in on Garibaldi and shares with him some of her own history with drugs and alcohol.

Lyta Alexander is found by Zack and Lochley and they attempt to arrest her, but all around her are under her control. Unfortunately for her, Sheridan is also there and is unaffected by her, which allows them to arrest her - unconscious after Lochley strikes her out.

Delenn storms into Sheridan's office to tell of the Narn blockade, but faints part way through. Franklin says that her pregnancy is putting a lot of strain on her. She had been unaware that she was pregnant.

Garibaldi meets with Lise and says he wants to get back together, but not until he's conquered his addiction. He goes to see Lyta with a proposal. Lyta has another proposal, but in the end G'Kar proposes that he and Lyta are let off the station to explore the galaxy and each come to terms with themselves. Lyta secretly picks Garibaldi to administer her funds and promote attacks on Psi-Corps; in return she will remove Bester's blocks eventually if he comes through. Lyta reveals that the Vorlons made her into a super weapon for use in the war.

In his palace, Londo sits on the throne, all alone.


The title of this episode may be a reference either to King Lear or the mythological King of the Lapiths, Ixion.[1]

In Act 4, Lear lamenting his misfortune, exclaims:

You do me wrong to take me out o' the grave:—
Thou art a soul in bliss; but I am bound
Upon a wheel of fire, that mine own tears
Do scald like molten lead.

Lear's remark is a reference to the fate of Ixion. According to legend, Zeus punished Ixion for lusting after Hera by having Hermes bind Ixion to a wheel of fire for all eternity.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Delenn is pregnant with her and Sheridan's son, David
  • The Vorlons' plan for Lyta is revealed

Production details[edit]