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Whig or Whigs may refer to:

Parties and factions[edit]

In the British Isles[edit]

  • A faction of the Scottish Covenanters during the 17th-century Wars of the Three Kingdoms, and the original whigs. (See also Whiggamore Raid)
  • Whiggism, a historical political philosophy that grew out of the Parliamentarian faction in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms
  • Whigs (British political party), one of two political parties in England, Great Britain, Ireland, and later the United Kingdom, from the 17th to 19th centuries
  • Radical Whigs, a faction of British Whigs associated with the American Revolution
  • Patriot Whigs or Patriot Party
  • A nickname for the Liberal Party, a UK political party that succeeded that country's Whigs
  • The Whig Party, a 2014 revival of the Whigs

In the United States[edit]


  • True Whig Party, also known as the "Liberian Whig Party", Liberia's overwhelmingly dominant political party from 1878 to 1980
  • Confederate States Whig Party, a fictional political party created by alternate history author Harry Turtledove



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