The White Diamond

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The White Diamond
The white diamond dvd.jpg
The White Diamond DVD cover
Directed byWerner Herzog
Written byAnnette Scheurich
Rudolph Herzog
Produced byMarco Polo Film AG
StarringGraham Dorrington
Werner Herzog
Dieter Plage
Narrated byWerner Herzog
Music byErnst Reijseger
Release date
Running time
90 min.

The White Diamond is a 2004 documentary film by Werner Herzog. It illustrates the history of aviation and depicts the struggles and triumphs of Graham Dorrington, an aeronautical engineer, who has designed and built a teardrop-shaped airship which he plans to fly over the forest canopies of Guyana. It features music composed by Ernst Reijseger, which was re-used in Herzog's 2005 film The Wild Blue Yonder.

Most of the film focuses on Dorrington's flights near Kaieteur Falls, in Guyana. Dorrington discusses the mechanics of his flight, as well as his own struggles with uncertainty and the "heaviness" he feels after the death of the cinematographer Dieter Plage. The film also explores the Kaieteur Falls themselves, a local man named Marc Anthony Yhap, a diamond miner, and the white-tipped swifts (Aeronautes montivagus) which roost in an inaccessible cave behind the falls.

The film holds ratings of 83% (based on 12 reviews) on the film review aggregator websites Metacritic and 94% (based on 18 reviews) on Rotten Tomatoes.[1][2]



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