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The White Eagle Lodge is a spiritual organisation first founded in England, founded by Grace and Ivan Cooke in 1936. Grace was a medium who claimed to have received the teachings from a spirit in the higher realms named White Eagle. The Lodge is a present-day school that teaches their beliefs in a manner suited to the modern world. Its work is to help humanity develop its true spiritual nature, and uses the symbol of the six pointed Christ Star to radiate Peace and Healing to those in need. Healing, both absent and contact, meditation, yoga and astrology are taught and practised. The White Eagle Publishing Trust distributes the teachings of White Eagle worldwide in many languages. The Mother Lodge is in England with two continental centers in America and Australia.


Absent healing is healing by prayer, directed at absent patients. Lone absent healers work from home on their own, and tuning into the Angels of Healing they call on the patients' names and pray for them. Following a set form of service, they envisage colours being gently applied to psychic centres or "chakras" by healing angels. Thousands of people and animals are on such lists worldwide at any given time. A description of the method used by the Lodge in its healing is found in A Healers Journey Into Light by Lorna Todd.[1] Members can also work in absent healing groups led by an experienced Healer. There are specific groups working to heal animals.

Astrology school[edit]

Teaching Astrology has long been an important aspect of the Lodge work. Joan Hodgson (née Cooke) developed a beginners’ correspondence course in 1941, and wrote a series of articles for the early Lodge journal "Angelus." These were published by the White Eagle Publ. Trust as Wisdom in the Stars.[2] Since then she wrote several other books over several decades, was on the UK Faculty of Astrological Studies at its foundation (a non-Lodge group) and she had many clients. Her daughter, Rose Elliot subsequently also became an astrologer.

In 1976 the Lodge expanded Joan's work into a "School" and she was active until her death in 1995. The school now has Simon Bentley as its Principal, he had worked closely with her for over a decade. Based at the main centre in "New Lands" it holds an annual conference, publishes a journal "Altair", conducts other day events, still runs correspondence courses, and does horoscope readings for clients, in all these using a spiritual focus, not identical with the various forms of "Esoteric" astrology.

Work in America[edit]

Jean Le Fevre, who had been active in the Crowborough Daughter Lodge (U.K.) moved to the United States and was a key figure in enabling the construction of the Temple of the Golden Rose in Montgomery, Texas, where the organisation is registered as the "Church of the White Eagle Lodge." The Lodge work there is open to liaison with Native spiritual teachings.[1]

Further reading[edit]

White Eagle's teaching is set out in around sixty published books, of which a great many are in print. Best known is "The Quiet Mind", first published in 1972. For a lavishly illustrated account of seven decades, the most detailed work is The White Eagle Lodge story : seventy-five years of work with the light, told by friends of White Eagle across the years (Liss, Hampshire, 2008; previous edition, "The Story of the White Eagle Lodge" Liss, Hampshire, 1986). An account of the White Eagle Lodge in some detail is given by Ingrid Lind in 'The White Eagle Inheritance' (London, Thorsons, 1984) and by Colum Hayward in 'Eyes of the Spirit: working with a Spiritual Teacher' (Liss, Hampshire, 2008) See John Bowker, "White Eagle Lodge," in The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, 1997.

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